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Mr. Fu, You’ve Spoiled Your Wife Rotten! + Audio book

Mr. Fu, You’ve Spoiled Your Wife Rotten! + Audio book
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Mr. Fu, You’ve Spoiled Your Wife Rotten! + Audio book

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    Novel Summary

    “Second Master, Madam said that there is no money.”

    “Hurry up and give her 200 million pocket money.”

    “Second Master, Madam has been hidden by the brokerage company.”

    “Buy the company and make her the boss.”

    “Second Master, the doctor said that the child in Madam’s womb is not yours.”

    “…Quack doctor! Get another doctor.”

    In the previous life, Li Beibei was ruined by a scumbag and a bitch, and she was reborn with one trick, but she became the favorite of the top boss Fu Erye.

    She abused the scum, the second master handed her a knife, she set fire, and the second master added firewood to her.

    She turned the entertainment industry upside down, and the second master’s words “I’m used to it” made countless jealous people shudder. ——-Everyone in Yuncheng knows that the decisive and fearful Fu Erye has only one weakness. It was his little ancestor Li Beibei who had made a baby kiss with him. Even if her little ancestor wanted to ride on his head, he would bend down for fear that she would not be able to climb up.

    Not only that, but in the eyes of outsiders, a man who is as perfect as a god is always rejected by his little ancestors, who think he is old, too rich, always step on the left foot first when entering the door, and even think that the moon on the roof of his house is not round enough.

    Everyone couldn’t stand it anymore: “Second Master, your little ancestor is spoiled by you!”

    Second Master Fu: “I am willing, who has any objections?” My little ancestor would have to get used to kneeling for a lifetime. ———I like you, serious and cowardly, from one end to the end——Fu Jingmo

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