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If You Keep Blowing It Up, I’ll Be Truly Invincible + Audio book

If You Keep Blowing It Up, I’ll Be Truly Invincible + Audio book

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    Novel Summary

    Su Chen traveled through the fantasy world and awakened the god-level bragging system.

    Earn rewards as long as others brag about it!

    Brothers and sisters of the same school: Although everyone is at the same level, but like you, my senior brother can kill ten in seconds with one sword!

    Su Chen instantly stepped into the taboo realm, becoming the number one person in the same realm in all ages!

    Zongmen Elder: I think Su Chen has the appearance of a great emperor!

    Su Chen’s physical body became great immediately, his altar was clear, and his talent was raised to the extreme.

    Supreme Immortal Emperor: From my point of view, the sword in the hands of fellow Taoist Su Chen is simple and unadorned. It looks ordinary, but in reality its brilliance is restrained. It must be a supreme weapon!

    In an instant, the sword in Su Chen’s hand shone with divine brilliance, and turned into an extreme imperial weapon.

    Peer Tianjiao: Are you really as strong as the legend says?

    Su Chen: Wherever it is, it’s just everyone flattering and bragging.

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