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Farmer’s Wife Has Magic Skills + Audio book

Farmer’s Wife Has Magic Skills + Audio book
1025 Chapters
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Farmer’s Wife Has Magic Skills + Audio book

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    Novel Summary

    [The omnipotent full-level boss vs the doting wife Wudu Zhenguo general]

    The modern cultivator Chu Qingzhi went down to earth to experience the tribulation of love, and was forced to lean on the body of an ancient peasant girl.

    There are eight children in the little girl’s family, and she has a total of nine, so she has to shoulder the burden of supporting the family.

    Exercising the art of beast control, subdued the tiger as the mount, the black bear as the main force, the wolf as the helper, and the monkey as the pathfinder, and went hunting together.

    Cloth ice formations, make ice cream, and sell them all over the streets.

    Planting herbs in the way of medicine, asking for diagnosis and treatment, rubbing pills, attracted princes and nobles to scramble for her, and even the emperor called her a lady.

    In order to become a fairy, she supported her family while starting the road to find her husband.

    The poorest family in the village, since they took back their daughter, everyone thought that life would become more and more difficult. Unexpectedly, after a period of time, they were building houses and buying land…

    This is not the daughter who was taken back, this is the God of Wealth!

    The general of Zhenguo, who even refused to marry the princess, went back to his hometown to recuperate for a while, and then suddenly got married. He married a little peasant girl.

    While everyone was waiting to see the joke, dignitaries came to visit one after another.

    The queen mother took Chu Qingzhi’s hand, “Qingzhi, how about I recognize you as my younger sister?”

    The emperor looked at Chu Qingzhi with satisfaction, “Madam, would you like to be an official in the court?”

    The little prince grabbed Chu Qingzhi’s clothes, “Sister Qingzhi, I want to eat ice cream.”

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