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The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master

Chapter 289 Human cultivators, rush out of the earth! (season finale)
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  In order to protect the energy barrier, the alien fleet quickly dispatched a large number of combat flying saucers, flying towards the front line overwhelmingly.

  Faced with such a compact firepower covering every driver, the fighters of the Xuanwu fighter face a choice.

  They can quickly mobilize the Xuanwu fighters to leave this place, thereby avoiding the ending of the Xuanwu fighters being destroyed.

   But in this way, it means that there is a vacancy in the front line, and it is easy to be quickly broken by the alien fleet.

  So all the soldiers made the same choice in an instant, and they stood firm on their respective lines of defense, forming a city wall made of flesh and blood.

  Even if the fighter plane he was driving was hit, he still concentrated all his power on the energy cannon, just to completely break down the energy barrier of the alien warship.

  As the integrity of the energy barrier on the screen became less and less, from the voice of the commander, anger appeared in the ears of all aliens.

  Their offensive became more and more fierce, and even some unmanned flying saucers were used as bombs and directly hit the Xuanwu fighter plane.

  A soldier was buried in the sea of ​​fire, but every time there will always be new people flying fighter planes to fill the vacancy and ensure that the defense line is unimpeded.

  All the people couldn't help crying when they saw this scene.

  These fighters are also flesh and blood, no different from any of them.

  But at this moment, they can show such a resolute spirit of steel, even if they pay the price of their lives, they must resolutely complete the task.

  All of this is for the future of mankind. Although this spirit is silent, it is enough to move the world.

   Under such a strong counterattack by the enemy, the number of Xuanwu fighter jets has decreased sharply, and countless pilots have died.

  But as the light blue energy barrier was completely disintegrated in the light beam, everyone heaved a long sigh.

  They successfully completed the task. According to estimates, it will take at least half an hour to concentrate energy to form a barrier again. They successfully bought precious time for the next few lines of defense.

   The possibility of getting such a result naturally means that the fighters paid a considerable price, and not even half of the surviving Xuanwu fighters.

   With red eyes, Feng Jiwen gave the order to evacuate in a hoarse voice.

  The Xuanwu fighters began to return one after another, giving way to the second line of defense, and at the same time, the third line of defense began to make close preparations.

   Lost the energy barrier, and the alien battleship was finally exposed to the attack range of the earth.

   This not only caused the alien civilization to lose its strong protective power, but also severely slapped them in the face.

  The earth, which they regarded as weak, relied on their own strength to eliminate the energy barrier they were proud of.

   The impact may not be great, but it has played a big role in defeating the morale of all aliens.

   Soon, the third and fourth lines of defense also started fighting one after another.

   Fortunately, the door **** mecha blocked all the cosmic monsters from the line of defense, which gave all the soldiers behind a lot of breathing room.

  But at this moment, the door **** mecha driven by Wolf Warrior is riddled with holes, and the remaining energy support is less than 5%.

   However, the number of cosmic behemoths does not seem to have decreased much.

  Although the door **** mechas were born to resist the cosmic behemoths, the reason why they can gain an advantage must be dozens of mechas to deal with the cosmic behemoths.

  In the case of fighting alone, it is impossible for the door **** mecha to resist such a behemoth.

  There is already a huge disparity in strength between the two sides, so the door **** mechs are constantly being damaged.

  Except for the first cosmic behemoth, all the dead cosmic behemoths are almost mech pilots, who activated the mech's self-destruct device at the last moment of life.

   The death of every cosmic behemoth is bought by the flesh and blood of the mech pilot.

  The human fighters have tried their best to fight a battle with such a huge gap to this extent.

  The overwhelming spaceships began to form a battle formation, their artillery fire covered the front line, and the earth technology was almost powerless to resist.

  The only good thing is that the pilots of the Xuanwu fighters successfully broke the protective barrier of the alien warships, so that the weapons of the earth can cause damage to the outer warships.

   This battle in space was so tragic, I don’t know how many soldiers died face to face in this close encounter.

  The subsequent defense lines were breached one after another, and there are only less than a hundred of the door **** mechs left.

  It is already the limit of human civilization to reach this level.

  Due to the disparity of hundreds of years, it is impossible for a miracle to happen only by perseverance.

  When the alien civilization began to fire with full firepower, the defense forces of the earth could not support it at all.

  The Nantianmen platform was the first to have a half-side collapse, and the ground in the middle of the platform was cracked with ugly and deep gaps.

  The most frightening thing is that some kind of weapon possessed by the alien civilization can actually distort the space slightly, thus forming a controllable small black hole.

  Everything near this black hole is sucked into it, and these scientists are helpless.

  Humanity's resistance obviously angered the commander-in-chief of the alien civilization. At this time, he was frantically urging in the command room, and all the soldiers suppressed the earth's defense force one-sidedly.

   This is a great insult to him. With a gap of hundreds of years in technology, Blue Star is just a backward and low-level planet.

   But it was such an invisible planet, but it delayed the progress of the alien warship invasion in space for nearly two hours.

  Even during these more than two hours, the energy barrier of the alien fleet disappeared and many casualties appeared.

   This is like an elephant defeated by ants.

  The commander-in-chief of the alien warship had red eyes, and he kept urging full firepower.

  Under such an almost crazy offensive, alien warships are rapidly approaching the earth. Now, for the earth, the only remaining line of defense is the electromagnetic barrier.

  The Nantianmen platform was destroyed, and the other two platforms were also damaged to varying degrees.

  The weapon system was almost completely paralyzed, and within two hours, the number of casualties exceeded tens of thousands.

  All the soldiers are exhausted at this moment, but seeing that they still can't stop the alien warship from approaching the earth, everyone's eyes are full of loneliness and sadness.

  War Wolf's mecha energy has been completely exhausted, but with the destruction of the Nantianmen, it means that the mecha has lost its energy supply.

   He watched unwillingly as the screen in front of him went black, and the cold mechanical sound reminded him for the last time that all his energy had been exhausted.

   Soon, the mecha was floating in space, no matter how the wolf warriors operated it, there was no response.

   It seems that the defeat has been decided, and the endless alien warships have appeared above the earth one after another, and the only thing standing in front of them is the strong electromagnetic local area network.

  The strong electromagnetic local area network did play a role. Some unmanned flying saucers wanted to enter the earth first, and were destroyed immediately when they touched the strong battery local area network.

   But seeing all this in his eyes, the commander-in-chief seemed extremely disdainful.

   Following his order, the hatch below the main battleship slowly opened, and then a huge cannon barrel popped out.

  The scientists in the dungeon quickly conducted an analysis, but immediately after that, everyone showed a look of despair on their faces.

   "This is a strong electromagnetic gun, which is powerful enough to destroy a strong electromagnetic local area network..."


   Just as the scientist's voice fell, the strong electromagnetic cannon was shot out and exploded on the strong electromagnetic local area network.

  Even the people in the dungeon could hear this loud noise, as if announcing the arrival of the end of the world.

  In an instant, a gap appeared on the strong electromagnetic LAN, and following the destruction of one device, the rest of the devices began to fail one after another.

  Humanity has to face this ending after all. Seeing this scene in his eyes, Feng Jiwen nodded slightly at the heads of state.

   "Everyone, the fighters in space have done their best, and the ground is our last battle!"

   With the destruction of the strong battery LAN, a large number of alien warships began to sail into the earth.

  The gate of the main underground city slowly opened, and all the heavily armed soldiers resolutely set foot on this icy land again.

  Although the weapons in their hands are very backward in the eyes of the alien civilization, even though their resistance may not be enough to last for too long.

  But at this moment, all the fighters from all countries are marching forward with determination, and came to the ground on a large scale for the first time after the earth entered the ice age.

   At the gates of the eight main cities, millions of soldiers are waiting in battle.

  Many people also began to spontaneously look around for weapons at hand, thinking that if the dungeon was breached, they would follow the alien civilization to their death.

  Many people have been terrified in the past few years, but they are not afraid when it really comes to such a juncture.

   "It's just death, no big deal."

   "I would rather die than be an experiment without dignity!"

   "Fight to the end, never admit defeat!"

   This is the voice of the people, and they have indeed confirmed this with their actions.

  The doomsday has come, everyone is very clear, perhaps the fate of mankind will end on this day.

   But even if the alien civilization can win, all they can get is a corpse, and no one is willing to become an experiment of the alien civilization.

  When the strong electromagnetic local area network was destroyed, the commander-in-chief's mood was obviously much better. Now the earth seems to have opened the door, and there is no longer any resistance.

   There are still many warframe wrecks floating in the space. Some soldiers are trapped in the powerless mechs, and can only watch in despair as the alien fleet keeps approaching the earth.

  Wolf Warrior's eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, and the oxygen supply in the mecha can no longer last for too long, but what really makes Wolf Warrior's condition worse and worse is the uncontrollable sense of despair in his heart.

   Is the fate of mankind really about to end like this...

   At this moment, a golden light went straight into the sky without warning, and then it exploded in the air like a golden lotus flower.

  A steady stream of golden energy began to lift off from various Asgards, and after gathering together, they formed a barrier that surrounded the entire earth.


   The battleship closest to the earth's atmosphere collided with the golden barrier without warning, and was destroyed instantly.

  The commander-in-chief hurriedly issued a stop order in astonishment. He looked at the display screen in front of him, but he was unable to analyze this energy.

  How is this possible?

  How could the earth have an unanalyzable energy source?

  All the battleships hovered outside the atmosphere one after another, and the commander-in-chief didn't dare to act rashly before he figured out the situation.

  He really couldn't figure it out, how could such a low-level and backward planet have miracles again and again?

  This sudden energy barrier, even alien warships can't resist, just a collision will cause an explosion, what is this concept?

  However, Feng Jiwen and all the soldiers who resolutely died were also shocked by this.

   They were surprised to notice that these golden pillars of light came from the 12 fairy palaces and the heavenly tripod.

  So after a moment of shock, everyone reacted.

   "Is it Taoist?"

   "Daozu and the others, are they out of customs?"

  In the meeting room, Feng Jiwen looked at the scene in front of him in astonishment. At this moment, Zhao Guofeng's trembling voice appeared in his communicator.

   "Chief, Daozu and the others are out!"

   I saw the practitioners who were retreating on the spot in every corner of the world opened their eyes one after another, and at the same time, powerful energy burst out from their bodies.

   During the period of following Su Yun to practice in the spiritual world, all the practitioners have benefited a lot, and even broke through in a short period of time, and the bottleneck has reached a higher level.

  They settled down to practice with Su Yun until Su Yun said to them earnestly;

   "It's almost time, and the outside fighters have done what they can to buy the last time.

  Go, it's time for us to defend the future of humanity..."

  The practitioners withdrew from the spiritual world one after another and stood up slowly.

  They looked up at the sky above their heads, as if they could see the alien warships in the universe through the atmosphere.

  On Tianding Mountain, Su Yun stepped forward and stood in the air.

  When I opened my mouth, Dao’s voice burst out:

   "All cultivators, follow me to kill the enemy and defend the homeland..."

  Behind Su Yun are Xu Jiajia, Zhou Xiaoxiao, Gu Ye and other five people.

   Their bodies exude 5 different kinds of light, and they are also standing in the air at this time, standing on the left and right of Su Yun.

   Gradually, more and more practitioners walk in the air, and after they reach a new level, they also master this ability.

  These practitioners followed Su Yun and flew into space with supreme fighting spirit.

   On the ground behind them, bursts of cheers came from the soldiers.

  Humanity has not yet reached the end.

   Practitioners are their last weight.

   More than a billion Daxia practitioners gathered in the air, followed behind Su Yun, and flew towards the vast space.

  Everyone's eyes are full of fighting spirit, and the weapons in their hands seem to feel this spirit, emitting bursts of light.

  Under the sky full of battleships, there are more than one billion practitioners shrouded in golden light.

  Su Yun stood directly in front of them, facing the alien warship.

  The commander-in-chief and Su Yun looked at each other through the screen. This moment, the moment seemed like eternity.

  Su Yun's voice sounded in the minds of all practitioners:

   "Human beings are immortal, and their glory will last forever. All cultivators, let's fight!"

   (End!) (End of this chapter)