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The Life Through Books of the Salted Fish Family

Chapter 602 Yan Laoer’s vision
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Chapter 602 Yan Laoer’s Vision

"Haha! This King Wu is very good at carrying water!" Yan Yu opened the door curtain and stepped in.

"Is he leaving in the order mentioned? Our prince goes first, then Queen Qi, so he goes to Guanzhou first, and then to Xizhou. It's not easy to stay on both sides, and he has to stop in Leshan in the end!" Yan Yu spread his hands: "Then why bother? Just go to Leshan directly."

 Xiao Ya'er snored while sleeping.

 “Have all the accounts sorted out?” Li Xuemei stopped what she was doing and her voice became louder.

This child is easy to worry about. When he is fast asleep, it doesn't matter if someone is talking next to him. He is completely unaware.

"It's almost done. When all the debts outside are settled, we have to close the door and settle our own debts. Although the cattle and sheep have been divided, during the time we were fostered in the village, we had to break up all the fodder and manure. clear."

Yan Laoer nodded repeatedly and said: "It's not a good situation. It will be warmer in another month. Farmers rely entirely on fertilizer. If they want to have a good harvest, this fertilizer is indispensable. After all, plant ash is still poor." One floor, no manure rush!”

 Speaking of this manure, Yan Yu has something else to say.

"Dad, you just came back and before I had time to tell you, my uncle wants to slaughter a sheep!" She turned her back to the kang head, jumped back, and sat on the edge of the kang, kicked off her shoes, and the cricket pupa pupa was He walked to the kang table, supported the table with two arms, and held his round face.

“Uncle said that the rations at Huju’s side are not enough. Now the whole Guanzhou is short of food. There is no more, so we can only eat meat.”

Yan Yu's little mouth said: "It is necessary to carry it conveniently and not take up space. All the frozen meat I saved before has been melted to make dried meat. Now, when making dried meat, we can only put it on the kang to dry. The amount of firewood is increased every day." The increase, just this... is not enough, my uncle told me to kill all the sheep at home first to see if the gap is enough."

 “They want to kill our sheep!” Yan Laoer hissed, feeling a little distressed.

"No, uncle said he would borrow it first and pay it back to us later." Yan Yu sighed and said, "I'm not worried about uncle defaulting on the debt, but everyone in the village is hoarding fertilizer now, and our family also has a lot of land. When the spring sowing, we It has to be used. Once the sheep are killed and returned, there will be a lot of fat loss in this free time. I originally wanted to talk to the uncle, if we don’t even out the sheep in our village, it will not harm our family, but Well, it’s really hard to say this.”

Yan Laoer deeply agrees.

Hunted his teeth and said: "It's better to let our family live. After killing the sheep, we still have cattle. Besides, the soil in Guanzhou is very fertile. Let's think of other ways to ensure that we can't delay the spring sowing."

"I actually still don't understand..." Yan Yu tilted his head and said: "I have circled the gathering place of Beirong. Let's kill it. If we are lucky, the battle will be over soon. Even if there is something in the way, What’s wrong, it won’t last more than a few days, the rations prepared by uncle seem to be a bit too much.”

Yan Yu actually doesn’t know the specific number.

 But the meat used to make jerky mainly comes from the mountains.

She had a rough estimate in her mind of how many wild animals the government office had picked up from the mountains. Together with the meat from other sources, it could supply the tiger troops on the border and even provide part of the supplies for the soldiers and horses transferred from Yongning City. In the short term, it should be enough.

 That's why she was so surprised when her uncle told her that he would kill his own sheep to make up the number.

At the moment, Huju was busy with military preparations, and she was busy up and down. It was not easy for her to catch her uncle and ask him what was going on, so she came back confused.

No matter whether it was too much or too little, since her uncle had told her, she would definitely do it. However, her father just happened to come back and the words came to an end, so she talked about it and everyone thought about it.

Li Xuemei glanced at her daughter who was thinking hard and said nothing.

 Is there anything I don’t understand about this?

Since the rations are prepared for combat, if they are not enough, it means that the number of days of fighting estimated by the eldest brother is longer.

She has also seen the scenes recorded by Jiuxiao.

Beirong is ignorant and suffering from the cold.

How could we have imagined that Guanzhou would suddenly send troops.

 Whether it’s calculated mentally or not, this battle will not be stalemate and will most likely end quickly.

So... isn't it obvious who the extra rations are for?     Excluding Beirong, only Xizhou is a thorn in his side!

Yan Yu quickly thought of something.

 Turn out your own map and spread it out.

 This edition of hers has a general map and sub-maps, which is very detailed.

 None of them were painted by herself.

 Instead, they took advantage of the loopholes of Grandma Rong, the home service robot.

  The settings of home service robots are all centered around how to take care of the family, how to live a better life, etc.

 There is no map function.

 In the words of the uncle, this part of the module is not loaded.

 It doesn’t matter, we can save the country through curves!

 Let's not just draw a map, just draw a pattern.

Using the terrain taken by Jiuxiao as a blueprint, draw a detailed embroidery! flower! Sample! son!

 When Grandma Rong takes action, the effect is really impressive!

This map, no, this embroidery, is scaled down to a scale, and the mountains, towns and villages... several water sources on the grassland covered by the vast white snow are clearly drawn.

Yan Yu stretched out her finger uncertainly and clicked on several places.

"Here, here, and here..." She thought about it in another person's shoes, using what I wanted to do and what I wanted if I were the uncle. "…After defeating Beirong, should I go back again? It's a waste after we have defeated Beirong. There must be some benefit or something. There are not enough cattle and sheep, and the number of people saved is not enough. Once the army moves, it will cost too much. , you have to find a balance both financially and psychologically!”

She looked at the points she was pointing at. It was one of the two private mines that had been discovered in Xizhou. That area might be a connected vein. Apart from this place, there were two other mines not far away.

“These mines are really good, really good!” Yan Yu muttered.

  She didn’t know if her guess was right. Her uncle might not have such wild thoughts as her.

 It doesn't stop her from thinking about it.

“…Master’s city wall was built too early. If it were two years later and it was built all the way in one go, wouldn’t such a large piece of land belong to us!”

Yan Yu didn’t think too much.

 It's just that in the world she originally lived in, no matter whether I can use this land or not, I will occupy it first.

 The battle for the land is not just talk.

 If you have the chance, you must win it!

"Daughter, take your fingers back. If you point again, we can't take this big piece of land." Yan Laoer crossed his legs, stretched out his hand, and pointed at it: "Look, Xizhou The private mines are here and here. Your uncle has said that we should be close to the coal mine in Gufeng. This is good. From now on, Guanzhou will no longer be short of coal, so we will have a better winter!

Even though the one over there is an iron mine, it's too far away. Don't even think about it. It's impossible!

It’s better to point to the King of England and take another step up...

 Aren’t they all our... prince’s! "

Li Xuemei and Yan Yu turned to look at him at the same time.

Yan Laoer coughed twice and said, "Why do you two think so of me? I am a scholar after all, so I can't have some foresight?"

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 (End of this chapter)