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The Game is Suspended, Only I Know the Invasion of Reality

v2 Chapter 418 Killing the Creator God, Lin Chen's strength!
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  Chapter 418 Killing the creator god, Lin Chen's strength!

   All these changes happened within three seconds.

  From his sudden appearance, to biting off the legs of the God of the Sky, to the moment when he bit the God of the Sky...

   At this time, many main gods reacted.

  Zhoushen also saw Lin Chen appear.

   Moreover, at this time, Lin Chen's body was standing among the main gods.

   It can be said that Lin Chen still made a move despite being surrounded by the entire temple.

   Even, the **** of the sky was severely injured!

   How powerful is this?

  However, Zhou Shen quickly calmed down.

  As long as the God of the Sky is still alive, his voice came the next moment: "Everyone encircle and suppress Lin Chen...God of the Sky, release your sea of ​​souls!"

  The voice, beyond doubt.

  So, nearly thirty main gods of the temple attacked Lin Chen together.

  But at this time, ten large tripods appeared in front of Lin Chen.

   Kyushu tripod.

   There is also Zhenhai Ding!

   and the map of mountains and rivers...

  All kinds of treasures were sacrificed one after another, forming an absolute defensive light curtain around Lin Chen's body.

  On Lin Chen's body, the earth spirit beads and water spirit beads are also shining and shining...

  The key point is that Lin Chen's absolutely strong defensive power directly disarmed the attacks of many strong people.

  Lin Chen still clings to the God of the Sky.

  The **** of the sky immediately released the sea of ​​souls.

  An incomparably powerful sea of ​​souls covered this space.

  The next moment, thousands of acupuncture points, like a sky full of stars, all emitted a beam of light, which finally converged on Lin Chen's body, but Lin Chen did not move at all.

  He was just biting the **** of the sky.

   "Smash him with the god's mansion!"

  Zhou God's tone became anxious.

  The situation is like this, the **** of the sky doesn't know what to do?

   Unfortunately, at this time, he was entangled by Taotie again, unable to escape, he could only roar: "Lin Chen, if you kill the God of the Sky, I will never die with you!"

   This is Zhou God's statement.

  But Lin Chen grinned.

   Still biting the **** of the sky and not letting go.

  Even during this process, Lin Chen was constantly under the attack of many main gods...

   "Ah! My blood is about to be sucked dry by him!"

  The God of the sky made a tragic sound...

  He is the Creator God!

  How powerful?

  However, now there is a feeling of being hunted by gluttonous or chaotic behemoths.

  God's residence...

  By the way, God’s Mansion!


  The **** of the sky let out a long cry, and the next moment a star-like thing appeared in his hand...

   This is the mansion of the God of the Sky!


  Shendi slammed Lin Chen's head hard.

  Now he is like a person bitten by a ferocious beast, struggling constantly, but the more he struggles, the faster the blood loss. He has no choice but to do everything possible to make Lin Chen let go.

  But Lin Chen is stubborn!

   Even if the mansion of the **** of the sky smashes on the brain, there is no fear.


  The next moment, various titans appeared in the divine mansion.

  Hundred-armed giants, Titans...

  Although they are all mortal spirits.

But at this moment, seeing their main **** being bitten, those titans desperately found various places on Lin Chen's head to attack... because at this time, Lin Chen's head is like a planet to them !

  The Titans are giants.

  But Lin Chen, who is 80,000 feet tall, is even a giant among giants!

  Lin Chen allowed those Titans in the pseudo-god realm to attack on his head without even blinking an eye.

   And looking from a distance, you can see the determination in Lin Chen's eyes at this time...

   There is endless killing intent!

  He is going to kill the **** of the sky!

  Finally, the sky **** almost fainted.

   Lin Chen felt the same and let go of his mouth, but there was only a roar from his mouth...

  The next moment, the mouth opened to the maximum.

  Lin Chen swallowed the sky god's mansion, the sky god's body, and the huge sea of ​​souls in one gulp!


  In the extraterritorial universe, the huge head of Lin Chen seemed to pop out in an instant. That huge mouth swallowed everything...

   "Zhou God, don't you save me!"

  The voice of the sky **** finally echoed in the universe.


  A divine thunder descended towards Lin Chen.

  But Lin Chen went forward indomitably. It was not enough to swallow the mansion of the God of the Sky, it was not enough to swallow the body and soul of the God of the Sky, and even swallowed the sea of ​​soul of the God of the Sky!

  Finally, Zhou Shen's divine thunder struck Lin Chen's head.

  At that moment, an extremely strong force exploded.

   And what about Lin Chen?

  He looked like nothing happened, but he swallowed half of a small planet next to him in one gulp.

  This is caused by inertia.

  But this scene made all the main gods of the temple stop any action...

   Because they were all shocked.

   This is the first time that I have seen a real person who can bite off a small planet in one bite!

  Human Emperor!

  Lin Chen!

  At this moment, everyone finally realized the gap between themselves and Lin Chen.

   This Emperor.

  A year ago, it was just a turn of the realm.

  However, within a year, his growth rate...

   He has reached the level of a Rank 8 powerhouse!

   "Hey, Zhou God, the me now, can you still deal with it with a single divine thunder?"

  Lin Chen's voice resounded through the universe.

   "You turned eight!"

  Zhou God's voice was extremely cold.

  Over there, the Demon Emperor looked over, his eyes were also very complicated...

  Lin Chen's eighth turn!

  Then, the motto on the Xuantian Baojian...

   "There is no thirty years, how can there be thirty years? Three months is just right!"

  The Demon Emperor was also frightened.

  Because, Lin Chen's current strength is at the level of Rank 8!

   If it wasn't for Rank 8, how could he be so powerful?

   It’s okay to kill the God of the Sky directly, and eat the God of God and the God of Thunder...

   It's just too scary!

   "Lin Chen, you...have you merged with Emperor Xuanyuan's will?"

  The Demon Emperor asked in horror.

   "That's the idea of ​​the ancient human race... Emperor Jie, are you still holding on to the body of the sage of my human race?"

  Lin Chen's voice sounded.

  Emperor Jie!

   This is the Devil Emperor, his name was a long time ago.

  Emperor is an honorable position.

  jie is a title.

   Actually, he still has a title...


  So, his name should be Xia Jie!

  In the ancient times of the human race, the last thought was the great emperor.

   is also a guy who is extremely selfish, an exquisite egoist.

  For my own strength...

  He almost buried the entire ancient race!

   And now, the human race has risen again.

  The new Emperor Lin Chen stood in front of him.

  This accusation...

   Undoubtedly, he is questioning him on behalf of the entire ancient race.

   represents his ancestors and is questioning him!

   "Demon Slayer..."

  The Demon Emperor's voice trembled.

  (end of this chapter)