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The Ex-husband Wants to Get Power Every Day After the Divorce

Chapter 476 This sentence, third brother
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 Chapter 476 This sentence: Third Brother

Looking at Xie Yiye's furious look, Jin Shuyan knew that he had probably listened to what he just said.

Thinking about Li Ziai, Jin Shuyan remained silent.

At that time, he and Li Ziai were also matched by others. This "matching" obviously touched Xie Yiye's objections.

“Didn’t Mr. Xie just get married? Why, are you also interested in this?”

Xie Yiye twisted Jin Shuyan's collar and gritted his teeth and said: "Jin Shuyan, don't **** do Tai Chi to me anymore. You just said you wanted to bring Nangong Ye and Xianxian together, how do you want to bring them together? Huh? Are you going to take medicine again? "

“Besides using such despicable means, what else can you do?!” Xie Yiye punched Jin Shuyan in the face.

 With a "clang", Jin Shuyan fell to the ground, and the entire tea restaurant fell silent.

 Everyone is looking this way.

Jin Shuyan laughed ferociously, got up from the ground, and wiped the corners of his mouth with his thumb.

“Third Young Master Xie, for Li Zi’ai’s sake, I won’t fight back. After all… maybe we will become cousins ​​in the future…”

These words made Xie Yiye very angry. He was about to fight again, but was stopped by Zhao Xiaoyang.

 “Get out of the way!” Xie Yiye said coldly.

Zhao Xiaoyang smiled: "Don't hit me with your hands, it hurts so much."

Seeing Zhao Xiaoyang break up the fight, Wen Yan quickly calmed down.

But the next step, Zhao Xiaoyang's action stunned Wen Yan.

She picked up the stick and put it into Xie Yiye's hand: "The force is mutual. If you want to hit, use this to hit."

Seeing this thick long stick, Jin Shuyan's face turned pale and his eyes suddenly became alert.

 He stared at Xie Yiye, waiting for an opportunity to make a move.

Xie Yiye played with the long stick a few times and smiled: "If you are injured, just pay for the medical expenses. I will pay for it."

 “I don’t have much else, I just have a lot of money.”

"Xie Yiye! If I don't accept the settlement, you will go to jail." Jin Shuyan took a step back slowly, with a hint of panic in his eyes.

It was at this moment that he seemed to feel fear.

 For people like Xie Yiye, maybe he can really do anything.

 Seeing Jin Shuyan retreating step by step, Xie Yiye grinned, his teeth shining silver.

“Stop trying to trick Li Ziai, otherwise next time, the stick will hit you on the head first.”

 Xie Yiye threw the stick in front of him.

Jin Shuyan looked at the stick and remained silent.

First it was Gu Jinmo who threatened, and then Xie Yiye.

 He has been a bit unlucky recently.

"Xie Yiye." Jin Shuyan raised his head with bright eyes, "I really like Li Ziai, not just for fun. I know that I used a lot of dirty tricks. In the future, I want to pursue her openly, but I hope you won’t stop me.”


 Wen Yan came over, his voice calm.

“Jin Shuyan, you are not qualified to chase her. Cousin Ziai also hates you deeply. Besides hatred, she is afraid.”

Her voice is as gentle as water, like a trickle.

"Also, you'd better put away those dirty thoughts of yours. I'm not interested in any man except Gu Jinmo."

 After saying this, Wen Yan suddenly thought of Nangong Ye.

Nangong Ye is also interested in others now, and she can't delay others.

 As for this Jin Shuyan...

 Thinking of what he said to Nangong Ye, Wen Yan frowned.

Jin Shuyan has an eccentric and sinister temperament. If this big trouble is not solved, the entire Xie family will be attacked from both sides.

His anger is bound to be fierce. If he is not beaten to dust, he will make waves again in the future.

Jin Shuyan said nothing, only feeling that he was unlucky.

How could we meet each other in a place like this? Kyoto is not that small, right?

Xie Yiye became angrier and angrier when he thought that Jin Shuyan wanted to bring Nangong Ye and his sister together.

It's not that he doesn't like Nangong Ye, but Jin Shuyan is not a good guy, and any matchmaking he can think of must be dirty.

 Xie Yiye's palms were itchy and he wished he could beat Jin Shuyan again.

 Wen Yan and Zhao Xiaoyang looked at each other and quickly reached a consensus and took Xie Yiye away from the place.

Outside the teahouse, Gu Jinmo stood next to the car, looking into the teahouse from time to time.

 There were various girls surrounding him, taking pictures of him.

 “Oh my god, he has such a great temperament.”

"The face is so small, and he looks familiar. Is he a celebrity?" "He is so handsome. I really want to call him."


 The teahouse is located in the city center and is close to the largest business district. People come and go, there are many people bombing the streets, and there are many media people shooting videos.

Gu Jinmo looked at these people with a cold face.

 He lit a cigarette and got into the car.

When I thought of something, I opened the window again and put out the cigarette butts.

 He came to pick up Wen Yan, and he couldn't let her smell the smoke.

There were more and more people around. Gu Jinmo frowned. When he saw the slim figure walking out of the teahouse, there was finally a smile on his face.

He opened the car door, took steps, and walked towards Wen Yan.

"Hello...Hello..." Suddenly, a small figure stood in front of Gu Jinmo.

"Sir, do you remember..." The girl's face turned red, but the man in front of her didn't look at her, walked around her and walked to the other side.

The girl's face was slightly embarrassed, her eyes closed, and she fell straight down.

This angle happens to be Gu Jinmo's chest.

 If you are a normal person, you should be able to take it easily.

 But Gu Jinmo’s steps were very fast.

The moment the girl fell down, Gu Jinmo had already strode away.

 The whole place was in an uproar.

Wen Yan saw the girl fall down and looked at Gu Jinmo blankly: "This..."

"Come out?" Gu Jinmo held her hand and said to Xie Yiye, who had a playful expression next to her, "Third brother, I'll take her back first."

 Three brother…

 Xie Yiye was a little unresponsive for a moment.

Logically speaking, Gu Jinmo is older than him.

But the sound of "Third Brother" makes people feel more comfortable than those tens of millions of cars.

 It was as if Gu Jinmo was suddenly overwhelmed.

 Xie Yiye admitted that at this moment, he was ironing.

 “Let’s go, I want to go out with my wife too.”

 Xie Yiye waved his hand good-naturedly.

 At this moment, the girl who fell on the ground could hardly hold on.

 Why is this trick not working?

Now what? Is it possible for her to get up on her own?

Looking at Wen Yan standing next to Gu Jinmo, many girls quietly compared him and were immediately discouraged.

 They cannot compare to such a beautiful woman.

 What a pity, such a good man already has a name and a master.

“Hey, why are you refusing to save me?” A middle-aged man stood up and angrily accused Gu Jinmo.

“I can’t save him,” Gu Jinmo said calmly.

 “Artificial respiration, don’t you know how?” The middle-aged man hated iron.


Gu Jinmo glanced at the **** the ground, with some impatience on his face.

This girl’s methods are too lame.

 He has seen this method countless times in the streets and alleys.

“Hey, okay, let me do it.” The middle-aged man rolled up his sleeves and muttered as he walked towards the girl, “Young people today are really useless, so it’s up to a kind-hearted person like me to help...”

 Hearing this voice, the girl’s face suddenly became tense.

 Before being given artificial respiration, he slowly opened his eyes and pretended to wake up.

Seeing that she recovered so quickly, the middle-aged man was a little surprised.

The girl stood up hastily, gritted her teeth and glanced at Gu Jinmo resentfully: "Why didn't you help me just now?"

 When these words came out, it seemed like he was blaming Gu Jinmo.

Wen Yan hugged Gu Jinmo's hand tightly and smiled coldly: "Because your acting skills are so bad."

  It just so happened that I fell into someone else’s arms, the purpose was too obvious.

"But you always supported me before..." The girl looked at Gu Jinmo resentfully, "Ah Mo, what's wrong with you? Why don't you seem to remember me..."

 (End of this chapter)