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Reign of the Phoenix

Chapter 383 You are the poison of this general
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Jin Yunyuexuan punched the stone table fiercely: "Murong Xining, what do you want?"

Murong 芷 coquettishly twisted the hair on his chest: "The general wants something, but the attitude is so bad"

Jin Yunyuexuan shot up and said: "Who said that this general is asking you that this general can kill you directly."

Murong 芷 Ning tilted his head playfully: "If killing Ninger can solve the problem, the general would have already done it. Ninger is still the sentence, and the soldiers are in charge of Ninger. If necessary, Ninger will hand it over."

Qi Yunyuexuan took a breath of air. "The general has forgotten that you are a Yan woman. Of course, everything must be for him."

Murong 芷 Ning does not hesitate and anger: "Who is Ninger? The answer lies in Ninger's own heart, and others cannot guess at it. Ninger, but please be able to meet his own conscience."

Jin Yunyue Xuan said badly: "This general will give you a day to consider. At this time tomorrow, you must surrender the soldiers. Otherwise, the top ten tortures in this general's account will let you taste them carefully."

Murong Yan was not shocked, and no one in his eyes drew his own hair: "Ning Er has died even his heart. What kind of torture is unbearable General Ning Er knows the pain in your heart, hatred and impulse can really be solved Question? What Ninger did was to stand in the general's position and set himself up for the general's sake. Ninger only kept the amulet for the general temporarily. When the general's anger disappeared, Ninger would put the amulet in his hands. "

Jin Yunyuexuan approached Murong Mining and stared at her. His eyes were full of brutal murderous spirit: "This general has firmly carved the secrets of Emperor Qin, and as long as the general is happy, he can always let Going to Beijing to fly away to destroy the general ’s prestige in Huayan has long surpassed a small soldier. General only needs to raise his arm, this north and south barracks will respond. You think that your ridiculous behavior can really What makes General General helpless? What General General wants is not a small warrior at all, but your attitude of surrendering to General General. "His charming peach blossoms revealed a slaughter of murderous power, which made Murong Yu chill and shudder. .

Murong Yanning raised her eyebrows slightly: "The general really hates the general's hatred. It is nothing more than the aunting of Aunt Ning's mother and the betrayal of Ning'er, which brings shame to the general. Apologize, whether the general is willing to let go of hatred and no longer aggravate the incident. "

Jin Yunyue Xuanyun said lightly: "You are not sorry to die, but this general cannot yet let you die. You are only a **** of this general against Yan Yan. Do n’t overestimate your own value. If you let The hope of General Ben becoming emperor is lost, and everyone around you will be revenge madly by General. Do you understand? "

Murong 芷 Ning said: "Ninger understands, General does not want to let Ninger die."

Jin Yunyuexuan smiled coldly: "Your life and death have nothing to do with the general, even if you are going to die, you have to wait until the general has used you."

Cai Sangtuo took a bowl of soup medicine and walked to the yard. She gave Yun Yunxuan a white look: "Princess, it's time to take medicine. You are still sick. No one cares about your body. You have to support it with your own heart. Otherwise, There is no energy to return to Shangxia. "

Jin Yunyuexuan sneered unclearly and turned back to the room.

Cai Sang sighed: "Is the general a ghost who has lost his mind? Princess, you have also seen that the general has no feeling for you at all. Princess, did he take the wrong medicine and burned his brain? Just taking two capsules of "Longlong Washing Heart Pill" will make people lose their memory for life. Caisang cannot feel the general's love for the princess, Caisang only feels that his blood is cold "


She sat down on the stone stool next to her: "Not to mention how much the general has suffered in the past six months, and how much inhuman torment I have stirred up this pool of sand. How can I ignore the general and be cold? My heart has turned into a stone, and I can't give up on him. The original eachother was not a joke. Caisang, don't tell me, as long as I have a breath, I won't leave the general. "

Wu Caisang sighed: "You two are really the grudges of previous lives. Since you don't blame him, what can I do?"

At dusk, Murong Mining knocked on the door of Jin Yunyuexuan: "General, it's time for dinner. Ninger made two side dishes for you and prepared a pot of wine for you."

Jin Yunyuexuan replied in the room: "Bring the food to the general's room."

Murong Mining used the tray to load the divided meals, and walked upstairs, picking mulberries and stomping in front of her: "Are you a slave? Are you so beautiful and you can save his heart? Why are you doing this to yourself? He will come downstairs if he wants to eat, and he won't even eat. "

Murong 芷 condensed and said, "Let ’s go. You girl, let you hungry and think far away, you can't bear to just deliver meals, are you?"

Murong 芷 Ning opened the door with his knees, carried the food, walked to the round table in the center of the room, and put the food on the table.

Murong Yanning looked at Yunyun Xuan lying sideways on the bed: "General, I will bring you the food, please eat it while it is hot." Cai Sang brought a copper basin of hot water into the room and negatively placed the copper basin. , Replay on the basin stand.

Jin Yunyuexuan stood up and yelled, "Murong Yanning, you don't want to serve this general, just don't come, don't be unwilling or unwilling."

Xi Caisang lifted the copper basin and rested heavily on the basin stand: "General Jin Yun, you blame the princess for the wrong, I'm not happy. The princess has no complaints against you."

Jin Yunyuexuan's cold eyes fell on Murong Yongning again: "Murong Yongning, haven't you poisoned your food?"

Xun Caisang said coldly: "The general really awakened the dreamer. Tomorrow I will buy a pack of medicine for the princess and mice." She came out of the door angrily and closed the door deliberately.

Murong 芷 smiled, walked to the table, put a piece of meat with chopsticks, put it in his mouth, raised the bowl, and sipped a bit of rice: "Well, today's food is really fragrant."

Jin Yunyuexuan grabbed the towel in the copper basin and wiped his face: "Hey, go and replace the bowl with clean rice for the general."

Murong 芷 playfully twisted the hair on her chest: "I don't call him, I have a name"

Jin Yunyuexuan sat down at the table and stared coldly at Murong Yanning: "Mother Queen, please bring a bowl of clean rice to the general again."

Murong pursed his lips intently: "I'm not a queen lady, if you want me to do something for you, you must respect me and call my name."

Ji Yunyuexuan patted the table: "Enough. Murong Xining, go and get another bowl of clean rice for the general." He added the word "clean".

Murong 芷 condensed the spar in his hand: "The general didn't call me like that before."

Jian Yunyuexan yelled, "Going out, the general was already very hungry. When you look at your behavior, you have no appetite."

Murong 芷 grabbed the tray on the table in aggrieved manner and went downstairs to reload a dish and put it in front of 叱 云 跃 轩.

Murong 芷 Ning sat across from Yun Yunxuan: "General, do you remember where we were this time last year?"

Jin Yunyuexuan himself eats and eats rice coldly, "Murong Yanning, you do n’t have to test this general, this general really hates

I lost my memory, but unfortunately, the general clearly remembers the past. General Ben has no guilt for you. Your aunt is the culprit who killed the general's biological mother. The crimes you have suffered before are just atonement for your aunt. General General does not owe you. Ben even regretted it, but he didn't start hard enough. "

Mu Rongzheng waited tenderly: "Whether Ninger's aunt has done bad things, Ninger will never remember to hate the general. What Ninger wants to say is that the past things have passed. Authenticity, why should the generals do this, and we must sacrifice the love we had so hard to obtain. Even if the aunt really kills the general's mother, does the general have to take our love for funeral? "

Ji Yunyuexuan grabbed the hip flask and filled it with a sigh of relief: "General Ben couldn't understand. What do you want to express? General General is tired of you. This clever remark makes you feel guilty. Are you trying to scapegoat your aunt? She wrote a confession in her own hand and served her poison in front of you, but you want to open the case for her. The general does not want to talk to you about your relationship, because you are not worthy and ruin our relationship, not your aunt, but yourself. .Look at your own position. The general does not owe you anything, and does not want to have any intersection with you. The general is a big deal. You are no longer of value. The general may wish to miss the old feelings and let you go. . "

Murong Ye Ning wave was not surprised: "Ninger understands the general's mood now, even if her aunt is a murderer, she already deserves it. Strangely, when her aunt died, she mentioned the blueprint inexplicably, as if she wanted to give Ning What kind of clues did the child leave, but Ninger searched all over the Luming Palace, and there was no such picture at all. Ninger said that time is a good medicine that can cure this kind of stubborn disease, and it will take another year and a half. Looking back at what happened today, the general may have a different understanding. "

Ji Yunyuexuan smiled bitterly: "Time is a good medicine, but you are the poison of the general. Murong Yanning, you shut up, you say so much, it is nothing more than scapegoat for your aunt."

Murong Mining took Biwu off his neck, and wiped it with Sipa: "Ninger still remembers the scene when the general put Biwu on Ning'er while in the thief's den. Although Ninger was then Only four years old, and still do n’t understand what the general said about “marrying”, Ninger nodded solemnly and promised. “Her tears, like the broken beads, fell down one by one.

Jin Yunyuexuan put the bowl heavily on the table: "You are deliberately not letting this general eat well. What you have done is in the eyes of this general, acting in a gimmicky manner. Murong Yanning, don't think about it. Impress General Ben, you can't do it. "He got up and slammed the door.

Li Murong Li Ning was lying on the bed, her eyes were closed, her body was hot, and she was talking nonsense softly in her mouth.

Jin Yunyuexuan stood in front of the bed expressionlessly: "Murong Xiong Ning, don't pretend that you hand over the soldier's talisman of this general, this general is in a hurry to go back to Yongning to order soldiers, hear no"

Wu Caisang looked angrily at Yunyun Yuexuan: "Even if you have no feelings for the princess, you have at least some humanity. She is so sick, you still treat her like this"

Jin Yunyue Xuan shouted, "Don't play in front of General Ben. Yesterday was okay. Today, I was half dead and dead. Murong Mining. General Ben knew that you had a plan. You handed over the soldiers, and General Ben did nothing. happened before."

Wu Caisang glared at her: "If I were a princess, I would never give up a soldier's talisman. She lost consciousness now and the general would force her again, and she would not wake up."

Jin Yunyuexuan yelled, "What kind of master really is, and what kind of tricks and talents are there. General Ben looks at Wu Siyuan's face and doesn't care about you to make a carriage. General Ben brings her back here. Yongning goes. "