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My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved

Chapter 306 Come and mine for me!
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"Set off!"

 “Attack Tianyang City!”

 After adding brand-new equipment to these strange equipment, they have become an invincible army.

There is no need for Su Yang to command at this time, these guys have already become extremely fanatical.

As Su Yang waved his hand and gave the order to set off, all three thousand bandits in Chishui Mountain took action!

The nineteen players who came in with Su Yang were extremely confused at this time, but they also followed the team.

Isn’t the camp they came into this game on the defensive side?

 Why did the situation suddenly change? Are they going to attack?

And judging from the current situation, this is not just an attack on Tianyang City. The big boss among them wants to attack the entire weird dungeon, become the emperor in this dungeon, and then take control of the management of this dungeon. !

 The sudden change confused all players.

But it was obvious that it was not just these players who were confused, including the players in the live broadcast room who were also confused at this time, but they were even more excited as bystanders.

As bystanders at this time, they wanted to see how Su Yang led three thousand bandits to attack the entire seventeen cities of Wei!


    [Good guy, are these bandits turning into rebels? ]

                                                                                             I originally wanted to be a bandit and live a stable life , but I was forced to take action ! ]

[I really don't want to be emperor, all this is forced by you! ]

In any case, under the leadership of Su Yang, all the bandits in the entire Chishui Village took action at this time.

 They have formed an army and are heading towards the nearest Tianyang City!

 At the same time, in the direction of Tianyang City, another group of players were mobilizing an army and preparing to set out to suppress the bandits.

 In this two-camp confrontation mode, the players on Tianyang City’s side are not from China.

The players on Tianyang City's side are Sakura Kingdom players, and they are actively mobilizing Tianyang City's bandit-suppressing army at this time.

 The entire bandit-suppressing army consists of 10,000 weirdos.

 Sakura Kingdom players only serve as some ordinary generals, and the most powerful one is a deputy general.

 After gathering their troops and horses, they were confidently ready to set off to Chishui Mountain to suppress the bandits.

 As the attacking party, they have already obtained all the information about Chishui Village, and they also know the full strength of Chishui Village.

Even if some players descend on it, it is impossible to strengthen it to any extent. With their bandit-suppressing army and these people, it is only a matter of time before they take over the entire Chishui Mountain Stronghold.

The only advantage of Chishui Village is that it occupies a favorable location. It is relatively easy to defend and difficult to attack, but one month is enough for them to attack it.

But they had just finished gathering and were preparing to set off.

 Suddenly a piece of news spread to the entire bandit-suppressing army.

The bandits from Chishui Village have been killed. They are hundreds of miles away and will be coming soon!

The bandit-suppressing army in Tianyang City was all a little confused after hearing the news.

 Good guys, with their strength, they are almost certain to deal with Chishui Mountain. The only thing that needs to be considered is the issue of time. After all, Chishui Mountain is easy to defend but difficult to attack.

But now these bandits in Chishui Village actually give up their own advantages and come out to confront them head-on. Isn't that looking for death?

The general who led the bandit-suppressing army laughed loudly and said: "Since these guys are looking for death, then we will help them, end it as soon as possible, and go back to collect the reward early!"

Their army was already ready for action. It was fully prepared at this time. With just one order, the entire army could take action.

Although the twenty Sakura Country players who landed here felt something was wrong, they didn't know what was wrong. Now that these mountain bandits from Chishui Mountain came out by themselves, it really gave them an excellent opportunity. As long as these bandits were killed now, If all the bandits are wiped out, then their mission will be completed.

As long as there are no accidents, the whole process is very easy and has no difficulty at all, but it is because there is no difficulty that they are worried.

There must be an accident, otherwise these bandits will definitely not come out like this. Even if the bandits have no brains, the Chinese players who come will definitely not have no brains either. Maybe it was those players who caused this incident. Now they All you can do is be careful.

 We must take action. Since these guys have already arrived at our door, how could they not take action?

 Just need to be careful.

Furthermore, given the current situation, he couldn't make a decision. After all, the entire bandit-suppressing army was still in the hands of the powerful third-level King Gui.

 At most, he used some special means to obtain the position of deputy general.


 Tianyang City’s bandit-suppressing army all took up arms and took action.

 This Chishui mountain bandit is really too arrogant!

They have not officially started to act as an army to suppress bandits, but the target of the suppression actually takes the initiative to attack?

  This is a complete lack of regard for them!

Then today they will give these bandits a tough look!

 This was a hand-to-hand battle, and neither side had any preparation.

  It is the front hard steel.

 The competition is all about strength!

 But this is a battle that is doomed before it even begins.

The equipment of the three thousand soldiers led by Su Yang is already ahead of this dungeon.

 They are equipped with enough equipment to kill any rebels.

However, Su Yang arranged special devices on bows, arrows and weapons.

 After attacking the enemy, the enemy will fall into an illusion and be transported to the previous instance of Su Yang, where he will be temporarily imprisoned.

 Wait until Su Yang has his hands free, then deal with these guys.

These guys have only one final destiny, and that is to become his tools for mining and harvesting resources.

 On the battlefield, the battle between the two sides has completely broken out.

Level 3 King Gui rushed to the front, with his ferocious face under the black armor.

 At this time, he was not afraid of death.

 Because he has this equipment, he will not die at all.

 “Pull the bow!”


 The battle begins, and the first thing that launches is a wave of arrow rain attacks. With the support of powerful bows and arrows, three thousand sharp arrows instantly pierced the sky and fell into the bandit-suppressing army of Tianyang City.

The moment these sharp arrows fell into the bandit-suppressing army, the strange things that were touched by the sharp arrows disappeared directly in place.

 No matter what the strength, no matter what level.

 As long as it is touched by a sharp arrow, it will disappear immediately.

This horrific scene instantly stunned the bandit army.

The general of the bandit-suppressing army said in a panic: "What's going on?"

 “Where are our people?”

 Even if he was killed by a hail of arrows, at least there would be a body left behind, right?

 But why wasn’t there even a body left?

 In an instant, most of the morale of the bandit-suppressing army disappeared.

 But at this time they had no possibility of retreat.

The war has begun. If you retreat at this time, you will die faster.

 The generals in the bandit-suppressing army obviously understood this truth.

 Immediately shouted: "Kill them! No matter what magic they use, we can easily crush them when we get close!"

 After a general took the lead in charging, the momentum of the army instantly rose.


 For a time, the shouts of killing shook the sky.

Seeing this scene, the third-level King of Gui only had a sneer on his face.

These guys have no idea how powerful they are now.

The third-level scheming king raised the black sword in his hand and shouted loudly: "Brothers, kill us and let them see how powerful we are. Now they are the ones being punished!"

“Destroy and suppress the bandit army and capture Tianyang City!”

Level 3 Gui Wang took the lead in charging the three thousand Chishui Mountain bandits who were already very arrogant. At this time, they were even more energetic.

However, before the head-on confrontation, another wave of arrows was shot out strangely by Sanqian Chishui Mountain.


Dense rain of arrows covered the entire sky. When these sharp arrows fell into the bandit army, all the strange things would disappear as soon as they touched these sharp arrows. Just one look at them, and the bandit army lost another three thousand people. Soldiers and horses around.

This completely shattered the confidence of the bandit-suppressing army. How could they withstand such a strange method?

But at this moment they finally understood why the bandits in Chishui Mountain dared to fight out. It turned out that they had support, but now it was too late for them to understand.

It was already too late for them to retreat now. Endless chills arose in the hearts of all the bandit-suppressing troops. It was really that the attack methods displayed by these Chishui Mountain bandits were too weird.

The sharp arrows shot only touched the people on their side and disappeared without any explanation. Even if some of them seemed to have caused no injuries and could obviously block those sharp arrows, the final result was for the people on their side. Disappeared.

This scene made the twenty Sakura Country players who came to Tianyang City equally frightened, but they were also facing the same problem at this time.

 It means that they can no longer retreat if they want to, because it is time for a head-on confrontation, and they will only be chased and killed if they run away.

And it's useless even if they run faster, because the Chishui Mountain bandits still have bows and arrows, and they have just seen the power of the bows and arrows. Now they can only pin their hopes on a head-on confrontation.

I hope the Chishui Mountain bandits' front-on confrontation strength is not so terrifying. If they are the same, then they won't even think about escaping. They are all destined to die here today.

 They now have no choice but to fight against the odds.

 The generals in the bandit-suppressing army understood this truth, and immediately drew out the swords at their waists and charged with their swords.

"Brothers, follow me and kill. Now we have only one way out. It is impractical to escape from these Chishui Mountain bandits in front of us. Only by killing them all will we have the possibility of survival!"

"If you want to escape, who of you is confident that you can escape the bandit's bow and arrow?"

The words of the general of the bandit-suppressing army reached the hearts of all the soldiers. Now they also knew that they had no choice but to engage in a head-on confrontation. If they could defeat them, they would still have the possibility of survival.


For a time, this small battlefield was filled with shouts of killing. However, when the frontal confrontation began and the bandit army's attacks could not even make a mark on the bandits' armor, they understood what despair meant!

 When the attacks from the Chishui Mountain bandits fell on the soldiers of the bandit-suppressing army, the situation was the same as that of bows and arrows.

When attacked by the Chishui Mountain bandits' swords, these bandit-suppressing troops will disappear in an instant. After just one encounter, the bandit-suppressing army becomes much empty again.

The strange scene once again frightened the bandit-suppressing army to the point of feeling cold. But now they had no way out, but their fate seemed to be destined for all the bandit-suppressing army. At this time, they were heartbroken.

Just like this head-on confrontation, in less than ten minutes, all the bandit-suppressing army disappeared in place, including the players who descended on this camp, and they were all placed on the second soul vein island by Su Yang.

 At the end of a great battle, three thousand soldiers and horses fought against ten thousand soldiers and horses. This kind of battle with a huge disparity in numbers ended up with three thousand soldiers and horses winning in a crushing manner. This was the result of Su Yang's little help.

At this moment, both these three thousand weirdos and the other nineteen human players are confused. Even now, the battle is over, they have not come back to their senses. Is it over so easily?

Compared to the three thousand strange army who quickly came back to their senses and began to celebrate their victory with joyful expressions, the nineteen human players had a more complicated mood at this time, and they were more aware of how terrifying a person they were in front of them. The boss of existence.

Su Yang didn't care that much. Now he has removed some troops from the first soul mine island and placed them on the second soul mine island. At the same time, he has placed the same equipment on them and asked them to manage this island. The army of ten thousand bandits was suppressed, and these ten thousand were just enough to be handed over to the army to mine.

 The old mining man from the first Soul Mine Island came to lead these newcomers. I believe they will learn it soon.

Because Su Yang has issued an order, all those who are unwilling to obey the mining order will be arrested first. Those who do not obey the order will be arrested at the Weird Hospital and then sold. This process will be shown to all the bandit suppressing troops, and they will also be measured. Don't dare to make mistakes.

However, it still takes a little time to train this army of 10,000 bandits into qualified miners. Su Yang doesn't have to worry too much next. He only needs to wait for the acceptance of the results. He has provided such huge help. I believe that the second The miners on a soul mineral island would not let him down.

After placing these, Su Yang looked in the direction of Tianyang City and said: "Continue to set off, target Tianyang City!"

"Set off!"

The three thousand troops had tasted the fruits of victory at this time, and they were all extremely excited. They also tried the power of this equipment. Although they did not understand why their attacks fell on the enemy and made the enemy disappear in place, but these It doesn't matter, the most important thing is that they are invincible at this time!

The enemy's attacks are ineffective against them, and their attacks will make the enemies disappear instantly. What is this if not invincible?

An hour later, three thousand troops arrived outside Tianyang City and directly arrived at the main entrance.

When this army came here, the guards of Tianyang City were still confused. They didn't know where this army came from, and the equipment on them looked very sophisticated. They seemed to be unable to offend them. But it was impossible to get this large army into the city, so the defenders were shouting.

 “Where did the army under the city come from?”

The third-level scheming king came to the front, grinned and replied loudly: "Your grandfather and I are from Chishui Mountain! Why don't you open the door and surrender quickly?" (End of this chapter)