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Mr. Fu, You’ve Spoiled Your Wife Rotten!

Chapter 742 Return【The Finale】
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  Chapter 742 Return [The Finale]

   But at this moment.

   There was a strong wind.

  A strange scene appeared in the sky.

  A white light flashed, illuminating the surroundings clearly, birds flew and dogs barked, and stars appeared. Beibei instantly thought of the scene when she traveled back then.

   But haven't had time to think.

   Li Beibei suddenly lost consciousness.

  Her consciousness seemed to come to a place of nothingness.

  Li Beibei didn't know how long she had stayed in this place.

  When she opened her eyes again, there was a smell of disinfectant in her nose.

  Li Beibei saw the snow-white wall.

  I saw the hanging bottle above the head and various medical equipment.

  For a while, her brain couldn't respond.

  Is she still dreaming?

   But why is it like she's in a hospital?

  Having lived in the Four Seas Continent for so long, Li Beibei almost forgot what a modern hospital looks like.

  Following the nurse's excited cry: "She's awake, Miss Li is awake."

   Then a few familiar faces came into view.



   And Fu Jingmo...

   Li Beibei burst into tears.

   Then there was a burst of chaos.

  Li Beibei was a little dizzy, only seeing the faces of various doctors and nurses flashing in front of her eyes.

  They talked a lot, but Li Beibei couldn't remember them all.

  Her memory still seems to be stuck in that night in Ming's yard.

So what happened?

   She's back again?

  Looking at Fu Jingmo in front of him.

   Li Beibei was puzzled again, did Fu Jingmo also send back the message at the same time.

   After a long time.

  The various tubes on Li Beibei's body were removed.

Lin Jinghe took Li Beibei's hand and burst into tears: "Beibei, you have been in a coma for three months, fortunately, you finally woke up, you are fine, you are finally fine, you scared us to death. "

  She has been in a coma for three months?

   Later, Li Beibei found out.

  Before her wedding, she was shot in the heart by Su Qingdai who escaped from prison, and she had no vital signs when she was sent to the hospital.

  After careful consideration, although he still has a breath, he can only rely on machines to maintain his life, and he has become a vegetative state.

   And in this state, she lived for three months.

  For the past three months, Fu Jingmo has been by her side day and night.

  Li Beibei looked at Fu Jingmo who was still trembling while holding her own hand, she had already lost a lot of weight.

   But his eyes were unusually gentle.

  He stroked Li Beibei's hair: "It's good that you woke up."

  Li Beibei finally came to his senses.

  It turns out that the vision of the generals, the crossing, the four seas and the continents, and the Donghua, Xizhou, North Fujian, and South Han are all just a big dream that I imagined in a coma.

   She had a real and lengthy dream.

   Now I wake up from the dream, and finally I am going to return to normal life.

  Fu Jingmo here is still the original Fu Jingmo, she has parents, and all relatives and friends...

  Li Beibei's body is getting better day by day.

  Many friends also came to see her.

  Pei Linghui, Yang Zhenzhen, Yi Ziyao, Liang Feifan, Gu Qingyun, Feast...

  Everyone is very happy.

  Li Beibei was also very happy.

  From these friends, Li Beibei also knew that Su Qingdai was crazy at the time, and shot in the banquet hall, and was finally shot dead by the special police on the spot.

   Fortunately, no one died that day except Su Qingdai.

   During the hospitalization, Chu Xiubai also visited Li Beibei once.

  Looking at this face, Li Beibei thought of her dream.

   In the end, he didn't give him a good face.

  Chu Xiubai said that he was going abroad.

  Li Beibei only said: "Goodbye, I wish you a bright future."

   Later, Li Beibei was discharged from the hospital.

   She continued her studies and also worked as an intern as an astronomical researcher.

  Life becomes ordinary and happy.

  But her heart is always empty, and she always feels that something important is missing.

   Sometimes I can wake up crying in the middle of the night.

  Because, she wants to be safe...

   Even if it is a dream, it is so real.

  She experienced pregnancy, childbirth, and had a lovely son.

  But now, although she has the life she dreamed of.

   But Suian disappeared.

  She never told anyone, including Fu Jingmo.

   She was convincing every day and night that it was just a dream.

   Suian is just a child of his own imagination.

  But I still miss it, I miss it very much.

   In this way, two months passed.

  Suddenly one day, Li Beibei was found out to be pregnant.

  Everyone in the family was pleasantly surprised.

  Of course the happiest one is Fu Jingmo.

  Everyone is very happy.

  Li Beibei's mood is very complicated.

  She never forgot Suian.

  Even if it was a dream.

   But that dream seemed to have been integrated into her blood.

   is the only regret in her current happy life.

   It was one night.

   Li Beibei returned home.

   Discovered that Fu Jingmo had secretly arranged the baby room in order to surprise her.

   There are two baby rooms, one for boys and one for princesses.

  Looking at the layout inside, Li Beibei felt warm and moved in her heart, but there was still a trace of indescribable loneliness.

  Li Beibei touched the small pillow in the small bed.

   suddenly said: "Ah Mo, please give our child a name."

  Fu Jingmo was silent for a while, and then slowly said: "If it's a boy, I'll call it Suian, if it's a girl, I'll call it Niannian, what do you think?"

  Hearing these two names, Li Beibei was struck by lightning.

  The blood all over his body seemed to be coagulated.

  She turned around abruptly, looking into Fu Jingmo's eyes.

  In his eyes, Li Beibei also saw the turbulent wind and the ups and downs for a moment...

   But more tenderness and reluctance, as well as extreme longing...

This is the end of writing here, thank you all the little cuties for your company along the way, this ending is open, no matter whether it is a big dream or not, the rest is a happy thing~~ Thank you again, see you in the world !



  (end of this chapter)