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I’m From an Ordinary Family, for Real!

Chapter 399 Wang Hai: I no longer want to learn
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Chapter 399 Wang Hai: I don’t want to learn anymore

Tang Tang was a little excited again: "Then will he come to our house when he comes back from summer vacation?"

Tang Ren was suffocated, but still said: "Of course!"

“Oye! I must ask Brother Chen Chu to sign for me when the time comes.” Tang Tang cheered.

And Tang Ren also gritted his teeth, Chen Chu must come, otherwise I will break my promise in front of my daughter.

Of course, Tang Ren’s family is just a microcosm. Because Chen Chu is very popular on the Internet this time, the attention of Cuba’s quarterfinals has soared.

Many of Chen Chu’s classmates, friends and relatives can’t help but post updates on Moments and secretly show off Chen Chu.

 Do you know Chen Chu, who is the most popular voice actor right now? He's playing in the quarterfinals now.

 By the way, you know, he is my friend (classmate, relative)

 Because Chen Chu is very popular on the Internet, many young people basically know Chen Chu. Once they see these circles of friends, they can't hold back.

 “He is your classmate? Damn it!”

“That’s not right, aren’t you just a senior in high school? That Chen Chu is already in college, you’re a liar.”

“He skipped a grade in his second year of high school, and then passed the college entrance examination last year. By the way, he was the top scorer in the national college entrance examination last year.”

 “True or false?”

 “How about I lie to you that I am a dog!”

  “This man! He was indeed uneven when he was born!

In my second year of high school, I was still struggling to work as a topic writer in a small town, but my family had already gone to the north of Qing Dynasty..."

Unknown to Chen Chu, a group of relatives and friends made a show of him.

I don’t know anything else, but my hometown seems to know about him, and even the leaders have heard some rumors.

  After checking, hey, he is really from our city, county, a, and he is one of our own!

 This is...Guangzongyaozu! How long is your face?

This should not be supported or promoted?

 So the TV station in County A kept reporting on Chen Chu’s deeds in the next few days.

 Local news is broadcast, and local programs are also broadcast. Anyway, there are many programs on the TV station in County A, and none of them can escape.

Maybe when Chen Chu goes back, he will find out... When did he become a celebrity in the county?


 Cuba men’s basketball quarterfinals, game scene.

 Off the field.

 Chen Chu had just finished a game and was not sweating, but he still took a towel and pretended to wipe it off.

 Chen Youlu helped him unscrew a bottle of water and fed him a drink: "Here, have a drink of water."

 Chen Chu glanced around and found that everyone was looking at the two of them, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed: "Drink, drink some water?"

Chen Youlu was confused and handed over the water bottle: "Now, drink."

Chen Chu's face turned red and he quickly lowered his head and took a sip: "Ton, ton, ton, hiccup~"

 Chen Youlu felt a little disgusted immediately. After tightening the water bottle, he took out a tissue and wiped his mouth with him.

 Like his mother cleaning the table.

 The people around looked at them with expressionless expressions. Dog lovers deserve to die.

After the two of them finished talking, Team Leader Lin came over with a smile on his face and said, "Chen Chu, this was a great fight!"

“This round made the opponent lose his temper, that’s true!” He gave a thumbs up.

Chen Chudao: "By the way, team leader, can we leave now? We want to go out for a walk."

If anyone else dares to say this, Team Leader Lin will have to give him a hard scolding, but if it is Chen Chu...

“Of course!” He said enthusiastically: “Do you need me to borrow a car for you? I have an old classmate here.”

Chen Chu waved his hand and took Chen Youlu to leave: "No need to lead the team, we have a car."

 “Wait!” The two of them were stopped by a strange male voice.

 Chen Chu turned around in surprise and found that it was the team he had just played against.

 Chen Chu asked in confusion: "Is something wrong?"

 He thought he might have been badly beaten on the court, so he wanted to cause trouble for him off the court.

 Perhaps it could be some chatter from bb?

 There are five people on the opposite side, the starting players on the field just now, and the leader is the opposite center.

He introduced himself: "Hello, hello, I'm Chen Shan." Chen Chu was stunned: "I'm from this family!"

Chen Shan smiled bitterly: "It is indeed my family."

“Chen Chu, I knew you before the competition. I knew I would be tortured badly by you, but I didn’t expect it would be so miserable.” Chen Shan said with a bitter smile.

Chen Chu smiled awkwardly.

 Chen Shandao: "It's too stressful to fight with you. I feel like a baby fighting with an adult. It's the kind of gap that I can't cross no matter how hard I try."

 Chen Chu: “…”

 Chen Shan also seemed to feel that he talked too much, and smiled: "Haha, I'm sorry, I talked a little too much, sorry, sorry."

Chen Chu said: "It's okay, it's okay. We don't know each other if we don't fight!"

 Chen Shan stretched out his hand: "That's right, we won't get to know each other until we fight."

The two shook hands, and several players on the opposite side also rushed to shake hands with Chen Chu, looking at Chen Chu with eyes full of admiration and eagerness.

 No way, the gap is too big.

 When the gap between you and your opponent is small, you can still feel jealous, but when the gap between you and your opponent is so large that it is unimaginable, all you have left is looking up.

Not only Chen Chu, they also got to know everyone on the Peking University team, and they both knew each other.

When saying goodbye, Chen Shan looked at Chen Chu and smiled bitterly: "I don't want to be your opponent anymore. It feels too terrible."

“If I do it again, I’m afraid that there will be something wrong with my mentality and I’ll never dare to touch basketball again.”

The blow was too big. I thought that even if I was a professional player, the gap was big, but it was just a little bit.

 Catch up There is still a chance to catch up.

 But facing Chen Chu, he only felt abyss-like pressure, being crushed in every aspect.

 My mentality almost collapsed...

Chen Chudao: "Then let's be teammates if we have the opportunity in the future!"

 Chen Shan beat his chest and gestured to Chen Chu: "Got it!"

Chen Chu waved goodbye, left the stadium with Chen Youlu, and took the lead in leaving the city and returning to the capital.

 The next step is to wait for the next game in the quarterfinals.

 The next game will be held at the home court of Chen Chu’s team, which is Peking University.


 The two of them returned to the capital that night, and the college entrance examination would be held on June 7 in two days.

 Wang Hai and Zhao Kewei will also take the college entrance examination, and Chen Chu, as their best friend, still needs to pay attention to them.

Chen Chu then made a phone call: "Hey, Dahai, are you feeling stressed?"

After Wang Hai answered the phone, his voice was very excited: "Damn, Chen Chu is awesome!"

  “You beat the opponent to a pulp, it’s so impressive.”

Chen Chu wondered: "You guys can still watch the live broadcast? Can you still watch it when the college entrance examination is about to take place?"

Wang Hai didn't care: "Tsk, if my parents hadn't forced me to do it, I wouldn't have learned it long ago."

“It’s useless to learn these things. Anyway, I will definitely work in the electrical system in the future, at least in an office administrative position like my dad.

 What you learned in college can be used in the office? "

 “I don’t want to learn for a long time!”

 Chen Chu was actually convinced by Wang Hai and couldn't help but give a thumbs up through the video: "You are right."

These two guys usually look poor, but who knew their families and relationships were so outrageous.

 Oil and electricity are everywhere...




 (End of this chapter)