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If You Keep Blowing It Up, I’ll Be Truly Invincible

Chapter 323 The True Dragon Clan is adding insult to injury?
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Chapter 323 The True Dragon Clan is adding insult to injury?

As soon as these words came out, everyone around him fell silent.

It took a long time before someone spoke:

 “The True Dragon Clan?”

“Didn’t the true dragon clan cease to exist tens of thousands of years ago? Why are they still alive in the world today?”

“Furthermore, the True Dragon Clan rarely appears in the Eastern Wilderness. Why did they confront the Spirit Clan as soon as they appeared?”

“The True Dragon Clan just didn’t leave the world of mortals. Who said they were extinct long ago?”

“As for why this person destroyed the Spirit Race, that’s not something we can explore!”

“The True Dragon Clan are the Holy Spirits of the Demon Clan. Are they targeting our human race when they attack the Spirit Clan today?”


Everyone was talking a lot, and everyone looked worried.

 Things today are very strange.

 The sudden emergence of a clan of true dragons that are almost invisible on weekdays is a big event in itself.

 In addition, the other party has just destroyed the Spiritual Race.

 It can be foreseen that a great uproar has begun to sweep away from all directions with the Spirit Race as the center.

 At the end.

 I don’t know how many forces will be involved in this uproar.

 “If the Spiritual Clan is destroyed, I’m afraid the Qin family will also make big moves!”

 A strong man at the pinnacle of the quasi-holy realm spoke.

 He is an elder of a holy land and is very powerful.

Now looking at the Eldar Island in the distance, he looks very worried.

“If nothing else happens, people from the Qin family should already be on their way here!”

 Someone spoke again.

 They are relatively close to the Eldar tribe, so they came early.

Although the Qin family is far away, it is not too exaggerated.

Even a saint will arrive in about an hour or two.

If you are a strong person in the Holy King Realm, the speed of arrival will be greatly increased.

“Look, there seem to be other people on the Eldar Island!”

at this time.

 One person lost his voice and spoke.


 At this time, the Eldar Island has been completely wiped out.

The only remaining Spirit Race people above are also sparse and do not compete with the climate.

 But now apart from this group of spiritual people, there are three figures standing in the void.

 When they arrived just now, they did not find the existence of the three of them.

These three people seemed to have just searched the Eldar Island.

 Now that the search is complete, he appears openly in front of everyone.

"One of these three people... seems to be Su Chen!"

 “The other two look a little strange...”

"No, didn't Su Chen go to the Demon-Slaying Platform? Why did he appear here?"

 “Is the destruction of the Eldar clan… also related to him?”

 After seeing the traces of Su Chen and the others.

 Everyone present had such a doubt in their minds.


 Outside the Eldar Island.

With the death of the last saint, the holy kings and divine weapons that originally belonged to the spiritual tribe shook out a terrifying aura, emitting a brilliance that shines through the ages.

It is extremely bright, as if a real holy king has revived and wants to break free from all restraints and escape from here.


Before the weapon could rise up, it fell from the sky with a slap from Long Wu.

It was just a palm, but it made this weapon let out a cry.

 You can see the horror of Long Wu's palm.

 The brilliance fades away.

 This is the only weapon of the Holy King among the Eldar, revealing its original appearance.

That is a stone mirror.

The surface of the stone mirror is crystal clear. I don’t know what material it is made of, giving people a sense of vicissitudes of life and simplicity.

 The stone mirror fell into Long Wu's hands.

 She waved lightly, and a terrifying aura rushed out from it again, as if it could run through the past, present and future.

 The surface of the stone mirror is woven with endless avenue lines.

More than tens of millions of divine powers were tearing apart, completely covering the entire Eldar Island.

 The only difference is…

 The reason why the stone mirror appears in this world is to protect the spirit clan.

 But now it is to kill the people of the Spiritual Race.

It is true that the owner of the stone mirror was an ancestor of the Spirit Tribe in the past. But this ancestor has been inactive for countless years.


 The soldiers of the Holy King do not have the spirituality of the Imperial soldiers.

 When there is no owner, naturally it can be used by whomever it falls into.


 The premise is that those who have obtained the Holy King's Soldiers can activate them.

 This is also the dragon dance.

As long as it is replaced by an existence in a Nirvana realm or a quasi-holy realm.

 Perhaps as soon as they use this weapon, all their spiritual power will be completely drained in an instant, and then they will perish.

"Puff puff…"

The ancient mirror shows great power in the hands of Long Wu.

 Three rays of divine light fell, creating a series of snowflakes among the Eldar.

So far.

  The entire Eldest clan was completely destroyed!

There is no longer a single Eldar person on the entire Eldar Island!

Perhaps there are some traveling Spirit Race people on the Eastern Wilderness Continent.

 But those people are not fearful at all and cannot become a threat.

With the loss of the great mountain of the Spirit Clan, they even want to find the Qin family as their backer.

The other party may not look good on them.

after all.

 In the past, the reason why the Qin family and the Ling clan were on equal terms was because they were related by marriage.

 The strength of the Eldar clan is also an indispensable factor.

at the moment.

  The Eldar race was completely destroyed.

 They naturally lost the qualification to be on an equal footing with the Qin family.


 The dragon dance walked down in the void.

She held a few holy soldiers in front of Su Chen and said respectfully:

“Long Wu has lived up to his master’s trust and has completed his mission!”

“This is the weapon of a spiritual saint. Please check it, master!”


Su Chen smiled and praised.

Looking at the entire Spirit Clan, it can be said that there are countless geniuses and treasures.

Just now, he and Qin Hao had a timid attack on the Spirit Clan.

 Everyone gained a lot.

But to say that the most precious things among the Eldar are the Holy King's weapon and the four Holy weapons.

These things are, in the true sense, the foundation of the Spiritual Race.

As long as these things are there, the Spirit Race will still be the Spirit Race, and no one dares to provoke them easily!

 Weapons of the Holy King…

Su Chen is not interested.

This weapon is very powerful, but it is not of much use to him.

 Only in the hands of Long Wu can it have the greatest effect.

 These holy weapons are of great significance to him.

 In addition to using it himself, he can also give it to Taixuan Holy Land.

I just don’t know if the Supreme Elder of Taixuan Holy Land has successfully refined his own holy weapon?

The Taixuan Saint Master can also be given to him for use.

 If he remembered correctly, Lord Taixuan had already reached the pinnacle of the quasi-sage realm.

Even if the opponent's talent is not enough to become a saint, Su Chen has a way to stack him up.

after all.

Su Chen’s current net worth is no joke.

“Master, it’s time for us to leave now. After this time has passed, I’m afraid the Qin family will end up here soon!”

Long Wu looked around and spoke in a deep voice.

 While she was dealing with the spiritual saints, strong men came from all directions.

Most of these people are just watching the fun. Facing a holy king, they dare not take action at all.

 But if there are strong men from the Qin family coming, they will be crushed.

 At that time.

There is no guarantee that this group of onlookers will not add insult to injury.

  No matter what, there are still many strong people among these people.

Even the saints came several times, but they never showed up and were all hidden in the dark.

 (End of this chapter)