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Global Blessed Land: I Can Add Attributes On The Buildings

Chapter 298 Fantasy sea! guess!
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Chapter 298 Fantasy Sea! guess!

 The luck in Fengyun World is not pure, or is too scattered. Although Tianxiahui is the first gang in Fengyun World, it does not mean that all the power of luck is concentrated in Tianxiahui.

 After the demise of Xiongba, Qi Luck has been swallowed up by the Qi Luck True Dragon, and it is still being digested.

 In addition to the luck of the Tianxiahui, forces scattered outside, such as Wushuang City, have more or less gathered a lot of luck.

 The Nine Heavens Purple Luck Feng Shui Formation, after absorbing the power of these lucks, will extract the purest luck, otherwise the power of luck will be contaminated with other characteristics.

Each force or overlord’s destiny contains the aura of the master of the respective force.

Mei Changge’s condensed true dragon of luck and the devoured Xiongba’s luck are still being digested or refined up to now.

 To use a simple analogy, it is equivalent to cooking. Wash the vegetables with soil before eating.

 “So that’s it, this formation actually works like this!”

Xiao Yun's eyes were shining as he watched the operation of the Nine Heavens Purple Luck Formation in front of him. He yearned for this formation in his heart and wanted to arrange it himself.

But unfortunately, the complexity of the Nine Heavens Purple Luck Formation is not something that a beginner like him can set up. Although he can easily set up some small Feng Shui formations, this current formation still requires him to be familiar with it for a while.

“Okay, I’ll let you arrange it if I have the opportunity in the future.”

“The king is currently back in the dynasty, and the Nine Heavens Purple Luck Feng Shui Formation is also in operation. You will stay here for the next period of time!”

Ni Bodhisattva patted Xiao Yun's shoulder with a satisfied smile on his face. As he thought, this apprentice had unique spirituality in Feng Shui.

 In addition, he is also very good at formations. Maybe the line of Feng Shui masters will shine in the hands of Xiao Yun in the future. As for himself, of course he will find a place to retire well.

Despite his young age on the surface, in the world of wind and cloud, for so many years, people came to his door every year asking for help, whether it was hexagrams or Feng Shui arrangements. Later, he was even offered a reward by Xiong Ba, and he never had a good rest.

Now not only has he joined the Qinglian Dynasty, but the salary he received also includes spiritual wine, which is simply an unexpected blessing.

What's more, what is the purpose of accepting a disciple? It's just to be used as a servant. Thinking of this, Ni Bodhisattva couldn't help but feel happy. Then he gave Xiao Yun a few words, and then Ni Bodhisattva left from here.

Xiao Yun stared at the formation, fearing that there would be a problem in any part of the formation.

 In the blink of an eye, half a month has passed.

Deep in the no-man’s land, with the appearance of the Linyou Clan and the Yaofeng Clan, the battlefield became increasingly chaotic.

 Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of foreigners boarded the battlefield.

The alien race, which is at the lowest level and is at the extraordinary level, suddenly began to riot deep in the no-man's land, with forests destroyed and rivers cut off.

Fa Xiang and Yu Hua even took action one after another. The Tianyu Clan was one against two, while the Yaofeng Clan and the Lingyue Clan formed an alliance. Whether it was the Tianyu Clan or the Half-Dragon Clan, the Beiming Clan were their enemies.

As the war continues to escalate, there will be sounds of earth dragons turning over from time to time deep in the no-man's land, but the foreigners who have red eyes don't care at all.

On the other side, mainly the five overlords under the Great Xia Academy, and many lords who still retain the position of overlords in the academy, are attacking the other major foreign races.

 Inside Qingyun City.

“Your Majesty, the no-man’s land has fallen into chaos, the war is escalating, and luck has fluctuated!”

With a serious expression on his face, Ni Bodhisattva said respectfully to Mei Changge who was sitting on the throne.

That's right, since all the Feng Shui formations in Fengyun World were handed over to Xiao Yun, Ni Bodhisattva found an opportunity and came to Qingyun City.

 For this reason, Mei Changge established a unique department called Feng Shui Tower, which was responsible for reviewing Feng Shui issues throughout the Qinglian Dynasty.

 The Ni Bodhisattva is the building owner and is directly responsible for Mei Changge.

As for the fluctuations in luck deep in the no-man's land he said, it is naturally due to the melee between the various alien races in the no-man's land.

With the fighting between alien races, the luck chessboard surrounding the entire no-man's land has gradually begun to fluctuate. As a Feng Shui master, Ni Bodhisattva has a pair of Feng Shui eyes that can naturally see the fluctuations in luck.

Over Qingyun City, the huge fortune seems to have condensed into substance. The Ni Bodhisattva who came to Qingyun City for the first time couldn't help but admire the destiny.

“Fengxiao, what do you think it should be?”

Mei Changge nodded slightly towards the Clay Bodhisattva, with a hint of questioning on his face.

In addition to observing Feng Shui, Mu Bodhisattva also often communicates with Guo Jia, so he is naturally very clear about the situation in the no-man's land.

 “Your Majesty, the situation is settled and it’s time to begin!”

Guo Jia said to Mei Changge with a trace of solemnity on his face.

 After setting up the situation for so long, the chaos in the no-man's land has emerged, and the next step is the best time for the development of the Qinglian Dynasty.

In addition, the nine major states in Fengyun World have completely fallen into the hands of the Qinglian Dynasty, which accommodates many people. The major forces that originally surrendered have gradually entered the Qinglian Dynasty and become one martial sect after another.

 Suddenly, the Qinglian Dynasty's foundation increased again, and many powerful people in the realm of Dharma emerged among them.

As a result of the Nine Heavens Purple Luck Feng Shui Formation, the Luck True Dragon swallowed up a large amount of luck, making the dynasty's luck even more intense.

 In the world of wind and cloud, the True Dragon of Luck lies on the top floor of the Nine Heavens Purple Luck Formation.

 The dragon's mouth opened, and a large piece of white luck was swallowed by him, just like swallowing a mouthful of marshmallows. With each mouthful he swallowed, the body of the real dragon of luck could be seen by the naked eye to expand.

These Qi Lucks have been tempered and are the purest Qi Luck power. They do not need to be digested for a long time and are directly integrated into the dragon body of the Qi Luck True Dragon.

 The True Luck Dragon at this time, if it was only a few tens of feet in size before, is now very close to the size of a hundred feet. Of course, the True Dragon of Luck can control itself and its body size is as desired.

With the transformation of the True Dragon of Luck, his fourth dragon claw also successfully condensed, completely becoming the True Dragon of Luck with four claws.

Because of this, the strength of the major officials of the Qinglian Dynasty, including the Dao soldiers and generals, has increased rapidly.

 Xu Chu and other generals, with the blessing of luck and the influence of the Black and White Heart Lotus, have broken through to the realm of Dharma.

Of course, this is also because in addition to fighting with aliens, there is also the reason for experiencing in the Wuxiang Tao Soldier Tower.

Of course, a lot of blessing stones were consumed because of this. If it weren’t for the support of Qinglian Market, there really wouldn’t be such a big harvest.

In the Qingyun Hall, Mei Changge nodded slightly to Guo Jia and others, and then looked at the Clay Bodhisattva.

“Clay Bodhisattva, can the formation of mountains, rivers, caves and sky be completed?”

Hearing Mei Changge’s words, Ni Bodhisattva took a step forward and spoke with assurance on his face.

“Your Majesty, don’t worry, the great formations of mountains, rivers, caves, and sky have spread all over the major cities of the dynasty. They can not only hide luck, but also hide territory!”

The face of the Clay Bodhisattva is respectful. The landscape, cave, and sky formation is also one of the great Feng Shui formations. Its layout difficulty is not very different from that of the Nine Heavens Purple Luck Formation.

 But the effects are completely different.


 “Generals, listen to your orders!”

Mei Changge nodded slightly, and then looked in the direction of the generals. At this time, many Taoist generals gathered in the Qingyun Hall.

 “The end is here!”


 Everyone stepped forward together.

 Xu Chu, Song Yubai, Yue Fei, Han Shizhong, etc. all had excited looks on their faces.

“You should already have a map in your hands. The distribution of the surrounding foreign races is recorded on it.”

Mei Changge looked at many generals with serious eyes.

"Based on the Qinglian Great Wall, the Qinglian Dynasty will expand!" "Xu Chu, Lu Shan, you two, with your own soldiers, will expand in two directions. The limit of expansion is a thousand miles!"

 “Yes, Your Majesty!”

 The two of them responded with excitement in their eyes.

Thousands of miles of land is naturally not the limit, but because it is necessary to build a large array of mountains, rivers, caves, and sky to hide the footprints of the Qinglian Dynasty, this is the limit of the array.

 “Yue Fei, Han Shizhong!”

 “The end is here!”

“The two of you, with your own Taoist soldiers, are heading in the other direction of the Qinglian Great Wall. The limit of territory expansion is also thousands of miles away.”

 “Yes, Your Majesty!”

 The two of them responded loudly at the same time.

The Green Lotus Great Wall is surrounded by the Dynasty on four sides, faces no man's land on three sides, and faces the Kingdom of Daxia on the other side.

 So there are only three directions for attack.

“As for the remaining generals, Fengxiao will dispatch them according to the situation on the battlefield.”

“As for Ye Yan and the others…”

Mei Changge nodded slightly to Guo Jia, indicating that all the remaining people would be handed over to Guo Jia's command.

In addition to supporting other Taoist soldiers at any time, these people also have an important role.

 That is to welcome Ye Yan and others.

Ye Yan and the four others originally planned to go to search for the territories of other foreign races and conduct some harassment. However, the plan could not keep up with the rapid changes. The overlords under the various university palaces acted like blocking the door, directly blocking those foreign races from going to the Tianyu Clan and them. the battlefield between.

 As if they were deliberately separated.

 Ye Yan and the others have nothing to do about this matter, but the Lingyue Clan and the Yaofeng Clan have fully entered this war, and their goals have naturally been achieved.

However, there is no way to keep your shoes wet when you walk along the river. Because you were pretending to be the Tianyu tribe, you were discovered by the Tianyu tribe. The four of them killed many Tianyu tribe members and left the territory of the foreign tribe.

 At present, we are heading towards a unique location in no man's land.

The place is called the Phantom Sea, and it is said to be the edge of the no-man's land.

 Beside the sea.

The aliens living in the fantasy sea are naturally capable of illusions. However, because they are not land aliens, they are not interested in the territory on land.

 Otherwise, one more race may appear among the eight major alien races.

 At least the eight original alien races did not dare to provoke this alien race named Huanhai, and the direction Ye Yan and the others fled was exactly where the Huanhai was.

"Don't worry, Your Majesty. The divination of Ye Louzhu and others shows that they are a blessing in disguise. We only need to send two Taoist soldiers to welcome them back. As for the other Taoist soldiers and generals, I suggest that the Xuanyang Taoist soldiers be placed in the east and the Hongtai Lotus Taoist soldiers." Place it in the west, and the rest of the Dao soldiers will go to the south!"

At this time, Ni Bodhisattva's eyes flickered slightly and he suggested to Mei Changge.

“Oh? Does the hexagram show like this?”

Mei Changge looked at the Clay Bodhisattva with a hint of curiosity on his face.

“The sun rises in the east, the setting sun buries in the west, and gods come from the south!”

Ni Bodhisattva said to Mei Changge with confidence on his face.

 “In that case, let’s arrange it like this!”

Mei Changge nodded.

 The east is the direction Xu Chu is going, and the west is the Shankui Imperial Guard led by Lu Shan.

 The remaining south side is also a top priority.

 Because he was facing the direction of the Tianyu Clan, and regarding the situation of the Tianyu Clan, the second spirit body had already conveyed news to him.

It’s just that Mei Changge couldn’t hold it in for a while. After all, the guy who claimed to be a **** was obviously a visitor from outside the world.

“Perhaps our world is also a star gate world?!”

Mei Changge looked towards the sky, his eyes shone with mysterious light, the Taoist charm on his body slowly emerged, and his whole temperament changed in an instant.

“Everyone, the Qinglian Dynasty’s expansion has just begun. The stronger the dynasty, the stronger you will be!”

Mei Changge was sitting on the throne, with a flash of light in his eyes and an aura of majesty on his body.

 “We obey!”

 In the main hall, everyone bowed their heads and responded with respect on their faces.

After the Qinglian Dynasty swallowed up the third-level star gate Fengyun World, their fortunes skyrocketed, and even some ordinary officials were within easy reach of the Dharma Prime Minister.

As for Guo Jia, as long as he takes the Black and White Heart Lotus at this time, he will definitely be able to enter the Dharma Realm. However, because he feels that he has improved too quickly, he is not in a hurry to break through. Instead, he uses the golden book that Mei Changge once rewarded him. Continuously polish your own realm.

After everyone dispersed, Mei Changge was the only one left in the hall.

 “Sea of ​​the heavens, God? Angel race!”

 “And the Song Dynasty?”

“Since there is a Song Dynasty, will there be a Tang Dynasty? A Qin Dynasty and a Han Dynasty!”

Mei Changge's eyes revealed a glint of light.

In the past, when he first came into contact with the Star Gate World, he was curious about those people who disappeared after the Star Gate World was shattered.

 Empty and disappear, as if it was secretly snatched away by a pair of big hands.

There is also the mysterious strong man who called himself me in the Song Dynasty. He must be above the realm of emergence and can even cross the realm. This is implying something.

"Perhaps, there is a stronger world outside this world, and ours here is just a star gate world."

Mei Changge had a guess in his mind, and his sixth sense told him that there was an 80% possibility.

"And Wang Yao! She left behind the five-pointed star jade, but she disappeared from this world without a trace. Even Ye Yan searched for it many times but couldn't find it!"

“Could the five-pointed star jade connect the world to the sea of ​​heavens?”

Mei Changge's heart moved, and he felt as if he was about to lift this mysterious veil.

But if he wanted to really expose him, Mei Changge felt that he must at least establish a real dynasty in this no-man's land and capture the angel race who claimed to be a god.

In this way, he can know more information and intelligence about the Sea of ​​the Heavens.

 At that time, this was his goal. As for now, the most important thing for him is to improve his own strength and break through to the realm of feathering as soon as possible.

The True Dragon of Luck has swallowed up the luck of Fengyun World, and is about to give him a luck feedback, which may allow his Dharma to be truly conceived.

 (End of this chapter)