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Death Benefit

v2 Chapter 1148 Artifacts and Beasts (35 monthly tickets short, thank you all
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  The dimension of the Linyuan battlefield, its historical background, all come from the bone mound.

   It can be said that the Linyuan battlefield can be regarded as a parallel dimension from which the bone mound splits.

  So the past of Linyuan Battlefield and the past of Bone Tomb are very similar.

   That is to say, in the history of the bone mound, a certain powerful race also created an artifact that enslaved the core of the dimensional world in order to break through the racial restrictions.

  After using it, it ended up killing all of my own people.

   And after that, there was a team of multi-racial heroes who unearthed the artifact and then destroyed it.

  Of course, the Linyuan battlefield is just a fantasy dimension derived from historical legends after all, and there must be a certain deviation from what happened in the natural dimension of the bone mound.

   Not everyone is aware of what happened that year, and historical stories will inevitably be distorted and processed during the dissemination process.

  But no matter what, this kind of thing involves the core of this dimension.

   "Impossible, the one who has ruled the Bone Tomb for so many years, it is impossible not to get rid of this hidden danger." The Swamp Lord did not dare to mention the Bone King directly.

  As a Japanese class, Bone King is very sensitive to everything about himself.

  As long as there are traces of himself, he can observe through the dimensional membrane.

   Lu Bai also has this kind of Japanese perspective.

  There is no time and space on the dimensional membrane, only the power of endless dimensions. Anything with its own traces can become a perception channel for day-level individuals.

  Even if it is separated by different dimensions, when you clearly point to a certain individual and mention the name of the other party, the other party may use this sporadic trace to sense.

   This is also the strength of the Japanese level.

  In the base camp of the paradise, although there is Lu Bai for protection, this protection is not absolute, and it is easy to cause trouble for the upper body.

  That's why the Lord of the Swamp didn't dare to say the name of the Bone King directly.

   "That's naturally impossible." Wanqian Beast shook his head: "Of course the relevant artifacts have been collected by that person long ago, and have become a collection of the other party."

   "But the 'protagonist' who used the artifact was not caught, but survived in another form."


  When Thousands of Beasts uttered the word Beast, everything became different.

  In the mind of the Swamp Lord, there seemed to be some changes spreading.

  Cheering up, the Swamp Lord just said that he had to think about it and would give an answer before tonight, so he went to the nearby Lord Lubo Church.

  The one enshrined in the church is naturally Lu Bai, but they think it is disrespectful to call Mr. Lu Bai by his name, so they honor him as the Lord of All Beings, or the Lord of Light.

  The master of all beings was transmitted from the demons.

  The complete name should be Lord of Heavenly Demons and All Beings.

  However, many people present did not really join the Heavenly Demons, so they directly called them Lords of All Beings.

   Moreover, compared to the Lord of Light, the Lord of All Beings sounds like he is standing behind them, so it is generally customary to call Lu Bai the Lord of All Beings.

  The Lord of the Swamp is not a follower of Lu Bai, he just has the necessary respect for the strong.

   And this time, he was able to break through on the spot, relying on Lu Bai's bell, so even if he didn't believe in Lu Bai, he still entered it.

  It is equivalent to coming to ‘fulfil a vow’.

  He has now obtained part of the promotion information for the Japanese level, and to a certain extent, he is completely in the Lu Bai camp.

  Since this is the case, then stand more thoroughly.

  With this mentality, the Lord of the Swamp entered the church.

  Many people gathered here. They are all individuals who entered the paradise during this period and want to obtain salvation from Lu Bai.

  Becoming a demon group, you can change your soul step by step, and then be inspired to go to the cave of light.

   There are still quite a few churches of this kind, and there are also some belief buildings of the race itself.

  In war, faith is very important. If you can't strengthen your faith, you may fall into madness under high pressure during the war.

  Especially in this kind of extraordinary war, the state of mind is very likely to affect a person's strength, which naturally requires all kinds of attention.

  The Lord of the Swamp selected a small room. In the room, there was a table with a small clock hanging on it.

  There is an imperial magic scripture engraved on the bell. As long as it is shaken, the relevant sound will be heard slowly, making people immerse themselves in the imperial magic scripture.

   It is said that in addition to the "Royal Magic Sutra", there is also the more precious "Heavenly Destiny Fundamental Sutra". That scripture is the smooth path for people to enter the Japanese level.

   But the scriptures are not important, what is important now is that the bell symbolizes that the Lord of All Beings is preaching to all living beings.

  The Lord of the Swamp stretched out his hand and slowly shook the small bell, and the bell rang slowly. If he sank into his mind, he could hear the magic scripture from the bell.

  The Lord of the Swamp, although he didn't look down on the Royal Magic Sutra before, he also thought that this kind of scripture was just for general publicity and lacked higher-level things, so he didn't study it seriously.

   This time, he once again practiced the Demonic Sutra, only feeling that his mind became clear.

  All kinds of messy thoughts in the mind are transformed into demon heads under the influence of the Imperial Demon Scripture, and then they are subdued.

   During the process of surrender, the Swamp Lord gradually touched some fundamentals. If he went further, he would find that his soul power was being transformed into many different things by something.

   "Is this the origin of desire?" The Swamp Lord gradually realized that if he practiced the Demonic Sutra to the peak, he would be able to subdue the origin of all his desires, and then overcome the rules of desire.     This is of great help for them to become a day class.

   "And I feel that there will be deeper changes after the Royal Demon Sutra, is it the Fundamental Sutra of Destiny?"

  This scripture is said to point directly to the fundamental law of the Japanese level, and expounds various mysteries in the soul.

  It is Lu Bai, the master of all living beings. When he achieved the Japanese level, he wrote it based on his own perception of becoming a Japanese level.

  The sentiment of the Swamp Lord touched a little patina in his mind, which was some remnants of the previous bell.

  And these remnants allowed the Lord of the Swamp to examine his own soul again.

  There are two primordial strands in the soul.

   Along with his perception, the patina also spread some information.

  A kind of green forest is the source of life distortion.

   One kind is called—herd, which is the master of the continuation of existence.

  When the second originality was revealed, the Swamp Lord felt a driving force of fate acting on himself.

  Only from Myriad Beasts, I obtained information about the so-called 'beasts', and now I find that one of my own is originally a herd of beasts.

  If there is no fate arrangement, then it would be strange.

  At the same time, the Lord of the Swamp also roughly understood his future path.

   What he mainly walks is actually the way of life.

   According to everything in the swamp, corrupt things, make them rot into nutrients, and nourish more life development.

  So that life appears complicated and diverse.

  Finally, in this diversity, life is sublimated and various miracles are obtained.

   And this miracle of sublimation is actually a little bit on the side of Lusen.

   To some extent, the Lord of the Swamp is a very suitable individual for Green Forest.

  As long as he can get rid of the driving force of the herd, concentrate on supporting the originality of Lusen, and raise his own complexity and sublimation theory to a certain level, he can become a day-level individual with Lusen backed.

   But is this kind of thing really what he needs?

  He is the master of the swamp, not anyone's servant.

   Even in the face of Lu Bai, the individual known as the Lord of All Beings, he did not bow down and completely surrender his body and mind to the other party.

   Instead, it is just to give respect to the strong, and to stand in his camp completely.

   "Then now, there is only another way to go." The swamp lord instinctively knew another way to stir up the two original conflicts, and then gradually stabilized the balance in the conflicts.

  This method is tightrope walking, as long as you stabilize your balance, you can reach the day level.

   But after reaching the day level, it is the time of danger. They must maintain that balance, and then weaken the two primordial forces together, and finally suppress the two primordial forces to a certain extent before they can barely go ashore.

   At that time, he was called a challenger.

   is a stronger individual than Lu Bai, the Lord of All Beings.

  Related knowledge was poured into the mind of the Swamp Lord.

  And all this information does not come from Lu Bai, but from the original—herd.

   The two primordial forces, judging by their strength, it is obvious that Green Forest has the upper hand.

  Lvsen's life system occupies most of the swamp lord's power system.

  The original herd was suppressed to a certain extent.

  The herd gave up too much wisdom and only kept the instinct of survival. Naturally, they didn't want their own driving force to be gradually suppressed, thus completely disappearing in the depths of the swamp lord's soul.

  So, at this most appropriate juncture, the 'survival instinct' was activated.

  The Lord of the Swamp instinctively understood a lot of information, and also knew his original unbalanced shape.

  If you want to change this situation, then the task of Myriad Beasts is the best choice.

   "An individual who turned into a beast is likely to be a certain hero who touched the artifact back then."

   "It is estimated that it is an individual who has the driving force of a herd and has fallen into evil deification."

   "Are more forces involved in this war?" The Swamp Lord only felt that his knowledge was limited, and he was not very clear about many things.

  However, this is Lu Bai's church, and Lu Bai has a high probability of knowing that the herd of beasts is sending information to themselves.

   And his own ideas are actually clear, he is unwilling to completely surrender to a certain individual, but he firmly stands in Lu Bai's camp.

   "So it seems that I have to accept this mission if I don't." Gradually, the Swamp Lord made a decision.

  So tonight, a bounty elite team set off from the paradise, rode an aircraft, and galloped away towards the distance.

  In the bone mound, the Bone King also seemed to have noticed something, and found the greeting card that had just filled his body.

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