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Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 2237 I can't give birth alone, please ask my wife
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  Chapter 2237 I can't give birth alone, please work hard with my wife!

   "Don't worry, this is a beast egg. Xiaoxi may have met a suitable body and was absorbed there. In other words, Xiaoxi is reincarnated."

   "Huh? Will Xiaoxi jump out of this rock? Will she forget us?"

Gu Qingluan: "It will definitely come out. As for whether she still remembers us, we will not know until she comes out of the shell, but Xiaoxi is directly attached to the egg of the divine beast, which should be very suitable for this egg of the divine beast. a good thing."

  Gu Xiaonan nodded seriously after hearing the words: "I know, I will definitely watch over Xiaoxi and wait for her to be born. Even if she forgets us, it doesn't matter, we can get to know her again, as long as she is safe and sound."

  Gu Qingluan smiled and touched his head: "You are right."

  Since then, Gu Xiaonan and Feng Yuanxi have guarded the divine beast egg every day.

  In order for Xiaoxi to be born quickly, they took all kinds of gemstones from the treasure house of the Nine Layers Palace that are helpful for the hatching of the eggs of the beasts and spread them under the eggs of the beasts.

  If you have nothing to do on weekdays, you will talk to the divine beast egg and inject your own divine power into the divine beast egg.

  When it’s time to go to bed at night, the two little guys will also hug the beast egg to the bed, worrying that they will accidentally crush the beast egg after falling asleep, so they set up an enchantment next to the nest of the beast egg.

  With much anticipation, half a year later, the egg of the divine beast broke its shell, and a fluffy, snow-white chick emerged from the eggshell.

Gu Xiaonan and Feng Yuanxi stared at the little cub without blinking, watching it struggling to break its shell, and wanted to help, but thinking of all the knowledge of the beasts they had learned, the cubs couldn't help , to rely on them to break their shells, so that they can thrive in the future.

  The two brothers thought to themselves: Xiaoxi is really beautiful, even more beautiful than mother's blood phoenix!

  When the little chick came out of the shell completely, the two brothers couldn't help cheering.

  After the little chick finished eating its own shell, Feng Yuanxi took out the clean blanket that had been prepared a long time ago, put the little chick on it, and wiped it gently.

   After a while, the little guy was wiped clean, fluffy, and looked like a snow-white little fur ball, not to mention how cute it is.

  Gu Xiaonan resisted the urge to poke, and asked expectantly, "Xiaoxi, do you still remember me?"

   "Chirp?" The little chick tilted her head and looked at him, asking her soul question.

   "Ah, you really forgot about me?" Noticing the complete strangeness and bewilderment in Xiao Youchu's eyes, Gu Xiaonan wailed.

  Feng Yuanxi said next to him: "If you forget, forget it. You are always by our side. The days to come are the most important."

  Gu Xiaonan cheered up again: "You are right, as long as Xiaoxi and us are still together."

  Both of the brothers didn't notice the cunning flashing in the eyes of the little chick.

  They all thought that Xiaoxi had really forgotten the past.

   After a while, Gu Qingluan was the first to discover Xiaoxi's secret.

  Xiaoxi actually remembered that she was just joking with Brother Gu Xiaonan, but they didn't expect them to take it seriously.

  Xiaoxi didn't know how to explain it, so he just continued to pretend.

  She died as Xiaoxi in the past, now she is Bingfeng Xiaoxi.

  After knowing the truth, Gu Qingluan did not expose Xiaoxi's lie.

  The children are still young, and Xiaoxi has no malicious intentions. I believe that in the future they will not be separated by such things.

   Now they live in harmony, occasionally noisy, what's wrong?

  Gu Qingluan smiled and watched several children playing together.

   At this moment, a powerful arm embraced her slender waist from behind.

   "I like children so much, why don't we have another one?" A deep and **** male voice came to her ears, and the warm breath fell on her ears and neck, making her feel numb.

  Gu Qingluan trembled all over, tilted his head, dodged a little, and squinted at him with beautiful eyes: "I want to give birth to you!"

  The man's heroic sword eyebrows were raised, and his dark purple narrow eyes were dotted with smiles: "I can't give birth alone, please work hard with my wife!"

   After finishing speaking, he hugged Gu Qingluan by the waist.

  Gu Qingluan couldn't help exclaiming: "Feng, let me down!"

  Feng Tianlan said softly but solemnly: "Don't let go."

  He carried her and walked into the bedroom.

  In the pavilion, Feng Yuanxi, who vaguely heard something, looked back at the position where Gu Qingluan and Feng Tianlan were standing just now, but saw nothing.

   "Yuanxi, what are you looking at? It's your turn!" Gu Xiaonan urged.

   Feng Yuanxi blinked, thinking that he had heard wrong, and turned around to look at the chessboard.

  His small face changed, and he narrowed his eyes and stared sharply at Gu Xiaonan: "Xiao Nan, did you secretly change the chess pieces?"

  Gu Xiaonan opened his eyes wide, as innocent as he could be: "I haven't, if you don't believe me, ask Xiaoxi!"

  In an instant, the two brothers looked at Xiao Bingfeng in unison.

  Xiaoxi sighed helplessly—

here we go again!

  (end of this chapter)