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A Mouthful of Sky-high Fried Rice, Lao Tang Apprenticed on the Spot

Chapter 702 Food supplement is not as good as sleep supplement
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Chapter 702 Food supplement is not as good as sleep supplement

In the entertainment industry, Zhao Wenzhuo gives people the impression of an upright and awe-inspiring hero.

 But in front of Xiong Xinxin, he was more like a big boy.

Although Xiong Xinxin first cooperated with Li Lianjie and then with Zhao Wenzhuo.

 But he has collaborated with Zhao Wenzhuo much more times than Li Lianjie.

 In fact, his original image was to replace Ji Chunhua, while Zhao Wenzhuo was Li Lianjie's replacement.

  After the Once Upon a Time series became a hit, Jet Li planned to become his own boss.

With this money tree gone, Xu Ke naturally wanted to cultivate a new money tree, and Zhao Wenzhuo was the new money tree.

 Since "Once Upon a Time 4", Zhao Wenzhuo has succeeded Jet Li and become the actor of Huang Feihong.

 Jet Li is also very loyal. He invested in the first part of the "Fang Shiyu" series and arranged for the fledgling Zhao Wenzhuo to play the villain and praised him.

 After that, Tsui Hark praised Zhao Wenzhuo for films such as "Green Snake", "Man-Han Banquet", and "The Knife", helping him create one classic image after another.

Unfortunately, Zhao Wenzhuo has never been as good as Kung Fu Emperor Jet Li in terms of market appeal.

If Li Lianjie and Ji Chunhua are a golden pair, then Zhao Wenzhuo and Xiong Xinxin are the new generation of golden partners arranged by Xu Ke.

So Zhao Wenzhuo and Xiong Xinxin have a very good relationship. When they meet, they always call Brother Xin, serve tea and water, and always regard themselves as younger brothers.

Xiong Xinxin was also very happy after seeing him. Even though he was a very old man, he even wanted to compete with him to see if he could practice his kung fu diligently.

 He was even happier when Zhong Zhentao and Luo Jiaying arrived.

They are all old friends who have not seen each other for many years. They reunited through the program and have endless things to talk about.

Even when they were helping in the kitchen, they were talking and laughing, and the whole kitchen echoed with the laughter of their group of old men.

 But when Yuan Yongyi arrived, they all restrained themselves.

What replaced him in the kitchen was Yuan Yongyi’s rough voice and broken Mandarin.

This can’t help but remind the audience of Cai Shaofen, the empress who has been on the show before, and she is in the same way.

But at any rate, Cai Shaofen still has a bit of femininity, while Yuan Yongyi is exactly like a man, even more manly than a man.

Even Xiong Xinxin could only bow down in front of her, fearing that she would avoid her.

Only Zhong Zhentao would tease her, and he would make her fly into a rage every time.

However, she soon thought of a way to get revenge, which was to play Zhong Zhentao in an exaggerated way, turning Zhong Zhentao into a greasy man with full of laughter.

 After they arrived, the kitchen was indeed very lively.

Zhong Zhentao and Yuan Yongyi are both e-people and veteran variety show stars for many years. With their presence, the variety show effect of the show has indeed improved a lot.

 But after tasting Li Yi's cooking, they were no longer in the mood to put on a variety show effect.

Especially Yuan Yongyi, after learning that Li Yi made medicinal diet in the last issue, Yuan Yongyi followed Li Yi to help, while constantly asking Li Yi for advice on health care.

She asked her question and was upset, so Li Yi checked her pulse and said that there was nothing wrong with her body and she didn't need to eat anything.

 But she didn’t believe it and kept saying that she was sore here and bloated there.

Li Yi was annoyed by her question and immediately said that it is normal for people in their decades to have occasional soreness and swelling in their bodies.

Furthermore, she usually takes various nutritional supplements constantly, so if she needs supplements, she has already taken enough. Yuan Yongyi rolled her eyes in anger, but she didn't dare to curse. Instead, she swallowed her anger and said nice things, hoping that Li Yi would help her take a closer look.

  Seeing her lowered eyebrows, Xiong Xinxin and others were dumbfounded.

Zhong Zhentao also joked: "Wow! Ayi, you will be the most talented man in the entertainment industry from now on, Zhang Zhilin can only be ranked second, and Yuan Yongyi has never been so easy to talk to in front of her husband."

He was making a joke on Yuan Yongyi. Wu Zhenyu had made a joke before, saying that Zhang Zhilin was the most classy man in the Hong Kong entertainment industry because he dared to marry Yuan Yongyi.

Yuan Yongyi naturally knew this. Hearing this, he turned around and glared at him, curled his lips and asked: "Then where does your brother Xiaosha rank?"

Zhong Zhentao was naughty and immediately turned behind Zhao Wenzhuo, pressed his shoulder and smiled: "Of course I will be behind Azhuo."


Yuan Yongyi glanced at him disdainfully, and then continued to laugh with him, begging Li Yi tirelessly, asking Li Yi to help her take a pulse again and prescribe a medicinal diet.

Seeing her reluctance, Li Yi could only patiently explain to her the principles of "three parts of medicine are poison" and "too much is not enough", and told her that "medicine is not as good as food tonic, and food tonic is not as good as sleep." and asked her to go back and sleep more. , just sleep whenever you feel sleepy every day, sleep as long as you can, and naturally nothing will happen to you.

 Hearing what he said, Yuan Yongyi finally gave up.

 Because she knew very well that she could afford to spend any amount of money on supplements, but she could not afford to spend time sleeping.

 For artists, when there is an announcement, even sleeping for an hour a day feels distressing because they may make a lot less money.

 It is really a luxury to spend precious time sleeping!

 Seeing her calm down, Li Yi knew what she was thinking.

 Li Yi can also understand her confusion.

 After all, most people make money by selling their time and health, which is understandable.

But it’s okay to make money, but I’m worried that I won’t make much money and my body will be broken down, which will outweigh the gains and losses.

However, Yuan Yongyi's physical condition is still good, and there are basically no major problems.

On the other hand, Xiong Xinxin and Zhao Wenzhuo, two martial arts practitioners, have hidden injuries on their bodies, which is a big problem.

Especially Xiong Xinxin, who worked as a stand-in for the Dragon and Tiger Martial Arts Master in his early years. He was thrown and smashed so much that he had some problems with his muscles and bones.

 However, there is basically no immediate cure for this old problem, and it can only be slowly treated through dietary supplements.

 After three days of preparation, all the ingredients Li Yi needed were finally prepared.

The program team also added many elements of the Man-Han Tower in the movie to the restaurant, including a sign and poster featuring the movie's leading actor Zhang Guorong.

Although not many people born in the 2000s know Zhang Guorong, for older audiences, Zhang Guorong is definitely the best idol in their memory, definitely no less than today's little fresh meat.

This movie is Zhang Guorong's early work. Seeing his youthful appearance on the signboard and poster, many viewers in the live broadcast room couldn't help but recall their memories of chasing stars when they were young.

But the man is gone. Ever since Zhang Guorong committed suicide by jumping off a building, he has become a legend in the eyes of fans.

 Li Yi didn’t have a deep impression of Zhang Guorong, but every year when fans commemorate him, they would take a look at the related hot searches.

Including this movie, from a storyline perspective, the real protagonists are actually the two chefs played by Zhong Zhentao and Zhao Wenzhuo. The roles of Zhang Guorong and Yuan Yongyi are comedy supporting roles at best.

But on the day of the live broadcast, when Li Yi and his team arrived at the restaurant and were about to start recording, they found that the front row outside the restaurant was already filled with Zhang Guorong's fans.




 (End of this chapter)