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Trapped in Love By Kitty Song

Trapped in Love By Kitty Song
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Trapped in Love By Kitty Song

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    Read Trapped in Love By Kitty Song by Kitty Song. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereTrapped in Love By Kitty Song full chapter at . Genre: Billionaire Caroline Shenton, burdened by her parents' debts, reluctantly agrees to a deal with Evan Jordan, a powerful man in Angelbay City. After passing a gynecological examination to prove her virginity, she is sent to Evan's Villa Rosa. Despite her sacrifices, she discovers that she is merely a substitute for Evan's unrequited love. Over three years, Caroline bes Evan's lover and private secretary. However, her emotions are disregarded, and she faces humiliation when Evan's assistant reveals she is not the person Evan has been searching for. Despite her loyalty, Caroline is treated with coldness and disdain, forced into difficult situations for financial gain. The story explores themes of power, control, and the emotional toll of a loveless relationship. Caroline Shenton, determined to secure a $70,000mission, meets with Henry Devereaux in a hotel room to persuade him to sign a contract with MK. Despite her efforts to impress him, Henry suggests that she needs to provide additional benefits. When Henry tries to force himself on her, Caroline fights back and realizes that he drugged their drinks. In a struggle, she bites his hand and is violently struck across the face. Henry forces her to drink vodka, and Caroline, realizing Evan's betrayal, hurls a vase at Henry, momentarily escaping his grasp. The situation is tense as Caroline faces assault, and her trust in Evan is shattered... Read Trapped in Love By Kitty Song

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