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The Lord Is Too Overbearing

The Lord Is Too Overbearing

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    Summary In this world, human are in peril. 72 Obelisks suddenly appeared out of nowhere, infecting the world with Monsters. Amongst this chaos, people look for hope.A man named Basil Pacifer is the humanity's hope. He is the strongest Mage alive at that point. Sadly, he believes in no man, and he always moves alone....Basil observes the unfolding scene bitterly. He is aware of his impending doom, however he has no grudge. He has lived long enough achieve things people can only dream about.Looking back his past, he realized his life is nothing more than a sad ry.Closing his eyes, he accepted his end — or so he thought....”Look at me! What do you see?“”Regrets.“”Don't you want undo it?“”Tell me what the offer is.“Thus, Basil Pacifer returned the past, being his younger self once again. Ofurse, he returned back with something....[Ding!][Guide Omniscience is successfully merged with The Chosen One][Analyzing The Chosen One's mental capability...][Analyzationmplete!][Result: The Chosen One is retarded][Initiate Brainnfiguration!]No matter how useless the golden finger he received seems, he will reach a higher height than his last life. This time, he willmpletely erase any regrets he has!You’re reading “The Lord Iso Overbearing” on See all Hide

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