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Married at First Sight novel (Serenity and Zachary York)

Chapter 3452
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-Liberty asked, "My mom really didn't do anything?" Pedro replied, "Nothing was done, but Mr. Dunn met with Madam Farrell several times. I don't know what they discussed." Pedro pulled over a chair, sat down by the bed, and helped Kathryn with the quilt.

"It snowed heavily again today," he said.

Kathryn tilted her head to look out the window, seeing snowflakes drifting down.

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"Miss, you woke up quickly and askedto inform Miss Hunt to be on guard. Even people from Wiltspoon have come. Madam Farrell may change her plans knowing the situation has changed. Miss, get srest and don't worry. You've done your best." Even Liberty wouldn't blKathryn. Clarissa was Kathryn's biological mother, but Kathryn chose to do what was right and not side with her.

Pedro added, "Miss, are you hungry? I can get breakfast for you." "I didn't feel hungry until you mentioned it. Now, I am," Kathryn said. "Order takeout. Don't leave my side now. In this state, anyone could harm me." She knew her mother wouldn't let her off easily after revealing her plans. Her mother might even send someone to finish her off.

Pedro responded gently, "Okay." He took out his phone and ordered takeout. "I'll get swater to help you wash your face." Pedro stood up to fetch water, but Kathryn stopped him. "I can go myself," she said, wanting to use the bathroom.

Pedro helped her up. Seeing her frown, he quickly said, "Miss, sit for a bit first so you don't get dizzy." Kathryn nodded. After a while, she walked to the bathroom with Pedro's support. “I feel like an old lady in her 80s or 90s. Even they are better off. For example, the old lady of the York family still flies around and chooses wives for her grandsons." Kathryn envied Old Madam York.

"Miss, when you reach Old Madam York's age, you'll be as strong as her. You have a good physical foundation," Pedro reassured her.

Perhaps it was due to her strenuous upbringing, but Kathryn was in good health. If nothing unexpected happened, she could live to a ripe old age.

"I dare not think about it. Even if I reach that age, I won't be as lucky as Old Madam York, surrounded by children and grandchildren. Mr. Fraser, wait foroutside. I'll be fine." Kathryn refused Pedro's help into the bathroom. They weren't that close yet.

Pedro stopped at the bathroom door. "Miss, if you feel dizzy, please call me." "Yeah, I can manage," Kathryn replied, closing the bathroom door.

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Pedro guarded the bathroom door. A few minutes later, someone knocked on the ward door.

"Who?" Pedro asked coldly. He approached cautiously and saw four people through the small transparent glass. It was Holden and his three sons.

Pedro opened the door and let them in. "Mr. Janzen," he greetedcoldly, nodding to the three brothers.

The four, father and sons, didn't mind Pedro's coldness. They were used to the aloofness of assistants loyal only to Clarissa.