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His Versatile Gorgeous Wife

His Versatile Gorgeous Wife
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His Versatile Gorgeous Wife

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    Read His Versatile Gorgeous Wife by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereHis Versatile Gorgeous Wife update . Genre: Romance,... Arielle Moore after defeating the plot to kidnap her on the ship, the ship is wrecked and now Arielle is alone on a deserted island. She is waiting for a passing ship and is also looking for a way to rescue herself. One day a man was injured and washed up on the island,  Arielle saved him but at this moment she did not know that the man she saved was  Vinson Nightshire the heir to the Nightshire Corporation. Vinson is a rich, handsome and powerful man that makes many girls dream. Then what will happen?... Please stay tuned and read  His Versatile Gorgeous Wife at . Thank you all so much His Versatile Gorgeous Wife

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