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Hero of Darkness-Novel

Hero of Darkness-Novel
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Hero of Darkness-Novel

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    Summary Elric had life full of traumatic experiences since childhood. Being bullied at school, looked down by his family, hated by hislleagues & scammed by the girl he had fallen in love with; having no one who actually cared whether he lived or died. The years of accumulated loneliness & suffering puts him through severe Depression & he decides take his life's final decision…. SUICIDE.One day, in the infinite nothingness; he hears a voice calling out him.“Wake up, Elric. I am the God of Darkness. And I'm here give you another chance at Life. God of Darkness, Elric only responded with two words.“Fuck off!”Author : Antihero protagonist who's a scheming mastermind & doesn't trust anyone. No Harem, Romance or Fan-service here.Our MC is a man of Focus,mmitment & you know the rest.You’re reading “Hero of Darkness” on See all Hide