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Facade of Love

Facade of Love
480 Chapters
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Facade of Love

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    Read Facade of Love by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead Facade of Love by . Genre: Romance...  Facade of Love . Facade of Love pdf free download The protagonist, Ms. Yvette Scott, has a noticeable scar on her abdomen, and despite attempts to fade it,plete healing is deemed impossible. Yvette's husband, Idris Young, discovers the scar for the first time and reacts with surprise. Their marriage is described as a business arrangement without love. Idris receives a call and abruptly leaves, indicating he won't be back. Yvette learns that Idris is involved with her sister, Moore Scott, and suspects they may be having an affair. In the middle of the night, Yvette receives a call from Idris, but it's Moore's voice on the line, claiming to be in pain. Yvette, suspecting something is amiss, decides to involve the police by reporting a prostitution case. Yvette, after involving the police due to a misunderstanding with Idris and her sister Moore, reassures Moore that she believes it was a misunderstanding. However, Yvette doesn't share the real reason for calling the police. The next day, Yvette takes a day off to catch up on sleep. When Moore asks to meet, Yvette is uninterested and reveals her plan to renovate the house. Moore asserts that Idris and she have been together for five years and urges Yvette to divorce Idris. In response, Yvette asks Idris directly if he feels the same way as Moore suggests... Read Facade of Love