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Back to the Past: Breaking the Love Spell

Chapter 395
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Chapter 395 Carlisle and Wanda rushed to the classroom before the first period.

After taking attendance, Susan distributed the printed class schedule to her students. Then, she announced, "The military training is over. The bonfire-" She immediately stopped and corrected herself. "The military training is over, which means your university life officially starts now. Remember your class schedule well. "Also, we will be electing a class council today and tomorrow. Those who think that they are capable can ctalk to me." She cast a brief glance at Carlisle and Wanda. She had her eyes set on these two and was sure one of them would be elected the class monitor.

After all, they were highly recommended by their trainer, Lawrence.

Carlisle did well from the beginning, and his performance was even more outstanding during the military training.

Carlisle noticed Susan's gaze, and he could guess that she wanted him to run for the class election.

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Adding a position on the class council during university to one's rescould prove advantageous during job hunting.

That said, Carlisle did not need this. He was only attending university to keep Wanda company and make his parents proud.

Wanda was sleepy after drinking the herbal medicine, so she dozed off on the table.

Ruby poked Carlisle's back from behind and asked, "Carlisle, are you going to run for the class council?" Carlisle didn't want to talk to Ruby, so he just shook his head wordlessly.

Ruby continued to say, "I want to run for the position of class monitor." Carlisle wanted to tell her that it was none of his business, but he didn't want to risk falling out with her considering her identity.

He suddenly wondered if Ruby was involved in the Incident last night.

Before this, Ruby had schemed against Wanda on the school bus heading to the outdoor military training site. Later, Wanda and Ruby's group also falled in their mission to expand their base due to conflict.

Carlisle didn't bother with pleasantries. He directly turned his head to stare at Ruby and demanded, "Was it you last night?" "What?" Ruby was taken aback.

What happened last night? The incident on stage involving Wanda? She had a prior conflict with Wanda, so it was normal for Carlisle to suspect her.

After contemplating her reply, Ruby asked, "Would you believeif I said that it wasn't me?" Carlisle stared at Ruby's eyes as if he could see through her.

Rubý stared back at Carlisle without any fear. She was not involved in that incident, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

Carlisle looked away soon after. Ruby should be innocent, but who else could it be if not her? Sarah? But the one Sarah hated was him. She had no reason to harm Wanda.

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It seemed like he could only wait for the network expert hired by Gareth to begin investigations.

The couple had a full day of class today. Wanda slept most of the time, but the teachers did not disturb her.

Peter had already informed the teachers that Wanda was not feeling well and that she should be resting at home. He also asked them to keep an eye on her.

After classes, Carlisle received a call from Gareth even before he walked out of campus.

"Carlisle, have you finished your classes?" "You're quite on time."

"Of course, eating is important." Gareth joked, as if he was trying hard to get close to Carlisle. Carlisle said, "Let's meet at Wonderland Steakhouse on Northdale Street." Gareth grinned. "Okay, I'll head over right away."

On the way out, Carlisle ran into Kelvin at the gate. He seemed to have been beaten

again. His face was bruised and swollen, and there was a band-aid was op his forehead. "Carl..." Carlisle asked indifferently, "Who beat you?" Kelvin shook his head and said nothing. This time, he was beaten by Alex's men.